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March 21, 2016
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Open and Connected Data Platforms: The Next Big Data Category

As all of us know, the advent of big data has revolutionized analytics and data science allowing enterprises to store, access and analyze vast amounts of historical data.  But existing data platforms need to evolve to deal with the tsunami of data-in-motion being generated by the Internet of Anything (IoAT).

We need a fresh approach to maximize the value out of our data, both in-motion and at-rest.   We need a better ability to get the tsunami of data-in-motion into the data platform while concurrently identify insights in real-time. We need a data strategy that is more enterprise-ready and future proof. 

Introducing Hortonworks vision for Open and Connected Data Platforms

Earlier this month, Hortonworks, alongside our customers and ecosystem partners announced our vision to deliver the next-generation big data category:  Connected Data Platforms.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 6.56.53 AM

Connected Data Platforms delivers actionable intelligence to leaders in business, government and academia by managing data-in-motion and data-at-rest. These Connected Data Platforms power the creation of modern data applications.

Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF™) manages data-in-motion, by securely acquiring and transporting data to Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP™). HDP manages data-at-rest for all types of data, with enterprise-grade governance, security, and operations.

By taking a 100% open source approach, we enable organizations to capture an innovation advantage delivered by the community of hundreds of developers across the globe, an open source approach ensures zero-vendor lock-in, and we can deliver the industries best interoperability with existing IT investments and infrastructure.

Only Hortonworks integrates these Open and Connected Data Platforms and maximizes the value of the information from the Internet of Anything (IoAT).

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.01.13 AMAbout the Author

Matthew Morgan is the vice president of global product and alliance marketing for Hortonworks.  In this role, he leads Hortonworks product marketing, vertical solutions marketing, alliance marketing, and worldwide sales enablement. His background includes twenty years in enterprise software, including leading worldwide product marketing organizations for Citrix, HP Software, Mercury Interactive, and Blueprint.  Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or visit his personal blog



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