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November 24, 2015
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Open and Thankful

As the US nears its holiday of giving thanks, Hortonworks is reflecting on open and all the bounty it brings.

Hortonworks philosophy has always been predicated on an open approach.

Open innovation, open community, open development, open delivery…a fully open source business.

Why open? Because real innovation happens not in isolation but in collaboration where the best minds within the community are working towards a common goal.

It’s not always easy when we are pushing the proverbial open source boulder up the proprietary hill, but with every donation to Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the hill gets easier to climb and we get closer to constant and nimble advancements forward for customers and the market as a whole.

We are starting to see Open become the norm across our industry.

Pivotal recently submitted incubator proposals to the ASF for its proprietary software HAWQ and GemFire (incubating as Apache HAWQ and Apache Geode).

Cloudera also submitted proposals to donate its proprietary software Impala and Kudu to the ASF.


Each incubator project submitted to the ASF is validation of the open model and underscores the importance of enterprise software development being done in a truly open way.

Hortonworks is thankful to the ASF community for helping our company get to where we are today. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since the Hortonworks IPO!

We are thankful to be home to the most Apache Hadoop committers.

We are thankful to our customers and partners for embracing the Open approach.

Hortonworks will continue to work every day in service of our customers and to empower the community.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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