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March 01, 2016
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Open Community Innovation

Hadoop just turned 10, the first code check-in was on Feb. 2, 2006 by our very own co-founder, Owen O’Malley. I am tremendously proud to have been a part of this first 10 years, and even more excited on where this open movement is going to take us. Congratulations to everyone in the Community!

We started Hortonworks with a vision that Hadoop would process half of the world’s data and we founded Hortonworks on four key principles:

1.      Innovate at the core architecture of Hadoop

2.      Commit to Enterprise Hadoop

3.      Enable an Open Ecosystem

4.      Do everything in Open Source

Not only did we relentlessly follow these four key principles, in the process we built a great business.   We finished our first year as a public company with $122M in revenue and became the fastest software company to reach $100M in just 4 years.  We have over 800 customers that work with us every day, and we have over 1600 partners in this growing and thriving ecosystem.  

It is interesting to reflect back on the early days, but what excites me more is where this is all going, what is the future of data? In fact, we at Hortonworks, see a future where Hadoop and related technologies will manage all of the world’s data.   After all, it’s about All Data, not just Big Data, but All Data – Data from every endpoint, person, device, click, swipe, server log and stream that can be collected, conducted and curated to deliver actionable intelligence for every business.  Data is at the heart of every business and one of its most important assets.  Data-in-motion and data-at-rest.  Data that is real time, predictive, streaming, structured, unstructured, mission-critical and everything in between.  Our vision and promise of Powering the Future of DataTM is underway. 

Today, in San Francisco, we announced our strategy around Open and Connected Data Platforms for data-in-motion and data-at-rest.  We’ve updated our core product, the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and announced a new release model that will keep pace with this amazing market.   We announced Spark 1.6 is now available on HDP 2.4. We also announced our data-in-motion Hortonworks DataFlow platform now has integration with streaming analytics engines, Apache Kafka and Storm.  Finally, we were proud to stand on stage with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s CTO, Martin Fink as we discussed how we are collaborating on more community contributions around optimizing the performance of Spark.  It is great to have such a great partner working together on open community innovation. 

The Apache Hadoop community should be commended for truly tackling the Data challenge and taking the tech to the next level.  I personally believe that the community is immensely important to the future.  That is is critical to have an open, truly open community.  Innovation happens as a result of the community.   And we at Hortonworks are certainly proud to be a part of it.

Thanks to Open Community Innovation, the next 10 years promise to be even more exciting, we encourage you all to join the conversation surrounding Hortonworks and the #futureofdata.



Doug Buerger says:

bad link for “Innovation From Hortonwoks” under Catagories.
Also, Hortonworks is misspelled 🙂

Mark C says:

Maybe they have a sideline in cooking utensils?

Reggie says:

Still bad link under “Innovation from Hortonwoks”, and still misspelled. Not good:(

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