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February 29, 2012
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Open Source Data Integration for Apache Hadoop

Today we announced an important strategic partnership with Talend, provider of the world’s most popular open source data integration platform. This is another win for both Hortonworks customers and the larger Apache Hadoop community. There were two key aspects of the announcement that I wanted to highlight:

Talend releases Talend Open Studio for Big Data

Based upon Talend’s very popular open source data integration platform, Talend Open Studio for Big Data adds connectors for HDFS, HBase, Pig, Sqoop and Hive. It allows organizations to move data into and out of Hadoop much more easily. It also leverages the MapReduce architecture to generate native Hadoop code and run data transformations directly inside Hadoop, in a highly scalable fashion. Talend Open Studio for Big Data will also be released with Apache licensing, which is a good match for the Apache Hadoop community.

Hortonworks will bundle Talend Open Studio for Big Data with Hortonworks Data Platform

This is a win for Apache Hadoop users that want a simple option for ETL that is native to Apache Hadoop and available with Apache open source licensing. It’s not the only data integration option for organizations using HDP, but it’s certainly a compelling choice. We will also be supporting Talend Open Studio for Big Data as part of Hortonworks support subscriptions.

Similar to our Teradata partnership announced recently, our Talend partnership is about making it easier for organizations to incorporate Apache Hadoop into their existing data architectures. Whereas our Teradata partnership focuses on analyzing data across the enterprise, our Talend partnership is focused on enabling connectivity between data systems so that organizations can maximize the value of information flowing through their enterprise. The fact that Talend Open Studio for Big Data comes with hundreds of connectors to leading data systems means that it’s now easier for organizations to embrace Apache Hadoop as a critical component of their data strategy.



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