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March 21, 2018 | Guest Author | Hadoop Ecosystem

Current Challenges in Healthcare

March 19, 2018 | Matt Spillar | Webinar

Enabling Mission-Critical Data to Feed Clinical Decisions in Healthcare

March 19, 2018 | Syed Mahmood | Announcements

Hortonworks Operational Services: Embark on Your Big Data Journey with Confidence


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Background Edge collection helps companies leverage near real-time analysis of IoT data. Apache NiFi enables ingestion, routing, transformation, and mediation of data with bidirectional communication and end-to-end data provenance. The MiNiFi C++ agent complements Apache NiFi. The MiNiFi C++ agent collects sensor data at the edge and executes across your IoT infrastructure. This is called […]

Check in with pretty much any IT decision maker at a large organization, and chances are that one of their big strategic priorities of the last few years has been crafting and executing a cloud strategy. From many perspectives, it makes sense. For one thing, managing infrastructure is hard. And pretty much everyone except Amazon, […]

I’m Raksha Jayaraj, an Engineer from Bangalore. I joined Hortonworks in early 2017 from another technology company called National Instruments. Being a technophile, I have always been keen on working with the impact that technology makes on everyday life. From selling cutting edge technology in Emerging Markets to working on retaining customers in a Developed […]

Disruption is affecting insurance, and machine learning is both the cause of and the cure for that disruption.

Two weeks ago, we announced the GA of HDF 3.1, and to share more details about this milestone release we started the HDF 3.1 Blog Series. In this installment of the series, we’ll talk about a net new integration point between Apache NiFi and Apache Atlas. As the latest Data-in-Motion Platform offering from Hortonworks, HDF […]

I am a Software Engineer/Architect with over 20 years of experience providing end-to-end application and system solutions. I have a huge passion for data management and analytics, which is why I came to Hortonworks – to be directly involved in current technologies that support the overall Data Lifecycle.  Before Hortonworks, I worked in various industries […]

The impact of big data extends far beyond IT, touching many areas of business. The problem is that executives are not always aware of these projects.

Last week, as part of the HDF 3.1 Blog Series, we talked about support for Apache Kafka 1.0 and the powerful HDF integrations including Apache NiFi’s Kafka processors, Apache Ambari for provisioning/management/monitoring and Ranger for access control policies and audit for Apache Kafka. Today, in this fourth part of the series, we discuss the innovations added […]

Submit your nominations now for DataWorks Summit Berlin and San Jose Is your organization hero material?  Well, we certainly think so!  We won’t ask anyone to fly through the air, protect your city or wear a cape & mask, but we will ask you to showcase your organization’s AWESOMENESS! Hortonworks supports more than 1,300 organizations […]

Last Thursday, Hortonworks announced financial results for the fourth quarter and full year of 2017. These are exciting times at the company, as our CEO Rob Bearden announced another quarter of record breaking growth! Q4 revenue was up 44 percent compared to the prior year, and yearly growth clocked in at 42 percent. Hortonworks has […]

I am Vani Subramanian, born and brought up in Kerala, India. I have an engineering degree in Computer Science from College of Engineering, Trivandrum and have completed my Executive General Management Program from IIM, Bangalore. I believe the future is all about how we extract information from data, how we understand it, and how companies […]

Last week, we announced the HDF 3.1 Release and commenced the HDF 3.1 Blog series. Earlier this week, in part 2 of the blog series, we introduced the new HDF component called Apache Nifi Registry which allows developers to version control flow artifacts to meet their SDLC enterprise requirements. Today, in this third part of […]

Thank you to Vinod Vavilapalli and Saumitra Buragohain for contributing to this blog. Everyone is asking – What is the difference between Apache Hadoop 3 versus Apache Hadoop 2. What’s all this commotion and ruckus mean?  What is Hadoop 3 paving the way towards? Where to start!  Hadoop 3 combines the efforts of hundreds of […]

In case you missed it, yesterday Hortonworks announced the 2017 winners of the company’s second annual Global Partner Awards. These awards are part of the Partnerworks program, a global program to support and enable partners selling, implementing, and innovating with Hortonworks to deliver integrated customer solutions for the datacenter and in the cloud. The program […]

Last week, we announced the GA of HDF 3.1, and to share more details about this milestone release we started the HDF 3.1 Blog Series. In this installment of the series, we’ll talk about a net new enterprise service we added to HDF: the Nifi Registry, powered by Apache NiFi registry. With the interactive command […]

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