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November 20, 2017 | Matt Spillar | Hortonworks Case Study

Addressing the Data Tipping Point

November 17, 2017 | Piet Loubser | Hortonworks Case Study

Building a global data lake for International Banking

November 13, 2017 | Matt Spillar | Hortonworks Case Study

How Nissan is Harnessing Big Data to Provide Value to Customers


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Last week I wrote about how mobile data allows companies to gain a better understanding of their customer’s preferences and buying habits. Targeted ads can be better refined, and in turn lead to higher conversion rates. However, gaining insights from mobile data leads to much more than effective advertisements. The first iPhone was released a […]

Last week I wrote about our sustained growth, and why over half of the Fortune 100 US companies, and over one quarter of the Global 100 companies, trust Hortonworks. The top retailers, financial services, automotive manufacturers, and beyond all embrace Big Data, and most with the help of Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms. What these top […]

Attunity is a long-time Hortonworks partner who provides data optimization and data integration software to help Hortonworks customers address exploding data growth, efficiently manage the performance of BI and data warehouse systems, and realize the tremendous economies of Apache Hadoop®. Attunity solutions are certified on HDF, HDP and are YARN Ready. Together, Hortonworks and Attunity […]

Traditional data flow providers have proven to be expensive, inflexible, and unable to meet the demands of many real-time streaming data sources. For a modern enterprise looking to unlock the value of their existing data assets and integrate the latest streaming analytics, it’s vital to choose a data flow provider that’s flexible enough to handle […]

Within the walls of a hospital, the unexpected can happen in a fraction of a second. It is impossible for a nurse to be everywhere at once. Although doing rounds and manual patient monitoring is crucial for patient care, real-time monitoring is the only viable solution to protect people’s health. The Data is Mightier than […]

Author: Vinay Shukla, Hortonworks, Huzefa Hakim, IBM On June 13th, 2017, Hortonworks and IBM announced the extension of our partnership. A key part of this partnership is the collaboration on IBM’s Data Science Experience. This collaboration is win-win in that it brings a production-ready full cycle data science experience to HDP customers and provides DSX […]

What’s New in Ambari 2.5 With Ambari 2.5, our focus was to continue to improve Hadoop operator’s day-to-day cluster management experience.  The community’s goal with Apache Ambari is to provide the most intelligent, easy-to-use, and extensible Hadoop operations experience, and with 2.5 we’ve made important improvements in the following areas: Service Management Log Management Configuration […]

It had been multiple hours since hearing from my wife. Usually we check in a couple times with each other via texting during the day. I shrugged it off, figuring she was just having an extra busy day at work. A few hours later I received a message, “Sorry, I forgot my phone at home, […]

The Challenge Apache Metron, at its core, is a streaming analytics solution.  Yes, it is a streaming analytics solution aimed at detecting and prioritizing cyber threats at your network’s doorstep.  Yes, it’s built atop Hadoop.  Putting the end-game aside, it’s easy to see that the challenges that such a system faces are precisely the challenges […]

Did you hear our earnings announcement on Thursday? The herd is on the move! It was an outstanding Quarter that’s generating all kinds of buzz. My job at Hortonworks is to tell our customer’s stories. How companies of all sizes, and from all industries, went big with Big Data and transformed their enterprises. How innovators […]

With the Internet of Things (IoT), what used to be thought of as never before imaginable has become every day occurrences, forcing companies to accelerate technological advancements faster than ever before. Extraordinary Out of the Ordinary Yesterday, I woke up to go to work as any usual day. I woke up at my normal time, […]

Big Wins in a Short Time with HDP & Hive 2 with LLAP Geisinger Health System is well known in the healthcare community as a pioneer in data and analytics. They were one of the first adopters of Electronic Health Record (EHR) in 1996 and went with Epic.  In addition, they used an Enterprise Data […]

One famous quote by Steve Jobs alluded to how hard it is to design products by using feedback from focus groups. His point was that people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. These comments were controversial for some people, but the lessons ring true. What Jobs was referring to had […]

Last week I wrote about how Big Data is transforming the oil & gas industry. This week I want to touch on the healthcare industry. This is yet another front in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is transforming our lives in ways Dr. Quinn never could. Consider some of the ways the healthcare industry is […]

Hortonworks has helped over 1000 enterprise customers with Hadoop deployments. Part of the success of these deployments has been Hortonworks SmartSense. SmartSense provides a collection of tools and services to proactively prevent common cluster problems. With SmartSense, customers can quickly capture the diagnostic information required to resolve issues. AND, it generates proactive recommendations that improve […]

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