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June 18, 2014
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Panel of Enterprise Hadoop Users

Customers’ Hadoop Journey

We’ve all had two weeks to reflect on Hadoop Summit 2014. One of the biggest differences that stood out in this year’s Summit (as compared to Summit 2013) was the presence of large enterprise customers that are using Apache Hadoop as an important part of their modern data architectures.

Hadoop has gone beyond its original Yahoo use case—indexing the web via a nightly batch MapReduce process —and into the mainstream of daily data processing and analytics with real-time, online, interactive, and batch applications at many notable companies.

We see our customers at Hortonworks reflect the maturation of enterprise Apache Hadoop. They include “Web 2.0” companies that you might expect to be early adopters of Apache Hadoop: Spotify, eBay, and XING. But we also support others like Bloomberg, Samsung, and Cardinal Health that incorporate HDP into modern data architectures at businesses that have been around for decades (or centuries).

In a complete recording of a Hadoop user panel discussion at Summit “Hadoop in the Enterprise,” the panelists discuss their journeys of Hadoop adoption at some of the world’s largest, most established companies.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 4.07.48 PM

The panelists represent perspectives from retail, energy utilities, financial services and telecom:

Hortonworks President Herb Cunitz asked panelists questions about their experiences adopting Hadoop:

  • How and why did your company get started on its journey with Hadoop?
  • How will Apache Hadoop YARN help you get more out of your Hadoop cluster?
  • How did you approach integrating Hadoop with other components of your data platform?
  • How do you use Hadoop to improve your client experience?
  • How do you think of securing data in Hadoop when you’re storing information about large dollar transactions?
  • How do you think of data governance in your Hadoop platform?
  • If you were starting your Hadoop journey over again, what would you do differently? What did you do right?

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