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May 07, 2015
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Panning for Gold: From raw data to meaningful insights

The connected and collected vehicle data, emitted through embedded smart sensors, are transforming the automotive industry. Is this hype or reality?

To discuss the reality of this transformation, to tackle management of streams of data from connected cars, and to share new data architectures that process, manage and analyze volumes of data, automakers and key industry innovators will gather in Berlin for Telematics Berlin 2015 on May 11-12th.

Data Deluge

Because legacy architectures have limited capacity to store streams of unstructured and varied data at petabyte scale, lack the ability to analyze data in real-time and offer value and insights, automakers are looking to next generation data platforms.

They want to combine old data sets with new data sets to garner new insights, improve car design, safety and the overall driver experience, using these next generation data platforms.

Manage Data Streams at Scale

The Modern Data Architecture (MDA) is transforming automotive industry: by processing connected car data in real time as it streams in; by storing streaming data at a low cost and in a data lake; by enabling predictive analytics and advanced analytic applications that deliver new business value and revenue streams. All this was not feasible with legacy data platforms.

Also, because MDA scales economically, the value of that big data grows faster than your cost to store it, and includes:

  • creating value-added services for infotainment and safety;
  • optimizing manufacturing operations;
  • conducting proactive maintenance to avoid component failures in cars under warranty; and
  • accelerating design and engineering cycles with data-driven insights on drivers’ car usage.

To discuss how automotive industries garner value and insight from these modern data architectures, join me on a panel discussion titled “Panning for Gold: From raw data to meaningful insights,” at the Telematics Berlin 2015 on Monday at 10:45 AM with other industry experts to explore and explain this transformation in real terms.

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LinkedIn: Grant Bodley, General Manager, Manufacturing, Hortonworks
Twitter: @GrantBodley


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