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November 12, 2018
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Partner Strategically to Win in the Fast-Changing Market

Businesses today compete in a hyper-competitive landscape. Analyzing the past for knowledge in the present is no longer good enough – enterprises must have an eye into the future. One way is to extrapolate predictive insights out of enterprise data. Through analyzing data, retailers can design features and products appealed to a broader or concentrated audience based on trends and purchase patterns, manufacturers can predict maintenance schedule of machinery to avoid production downtime, security operations can catch a hacker before a malicious attempt even takes place, and the use cases go on and on. In a world where data and information are at the core, the new generation of business outcomes comes from a mastery of data. 

Speed, the Key to Win in Today’s Business

However, business insights, like most precious things in our lives, are perishable. When your competitors have already capitalized on a trend for first-mover advantage, when a new idea, product or service has already gone to market, when the future becomes the present, the data insights you are sitting on without taking business actions turn into an afterthought, an unrealized potential. The key to win in today’s speed of business is how quickly it takes to complete an end-to-end process from data to insights to business actions.

Challenges in a Do-It-Yourself Approach

To achieve speed, a DIY approach of building this process poses significant challenges. According to Forrester1, CIOs cite numerous challenges along this path, including:

  • Explosive growth of data resources – Businesses have trouble keeping up with the exponential growth of data volume and variety. There’s a wealth of data that companies are not currently collected, utilized, and leveraged for insights.
  • Complex and quickly evolving analytics tools – Technology evolves rapidly to meet the pressing market demand for consistent data management and in-time data insights. The number of emerging analytics tools, new features and enhancements, and talents required for implementation and operations presents unprecedented challenge for technology adoption.
  • A lack of data and analytics skills – Building and deploying an analytics solution can require more resources than most organizations are prepared for. Many organizations’ digital transformation falls short due to the challenges associated with implementing a complex solution, such as lengthy implementations and a lack of hands-on experience and talent.
  • Nascent data and analytics cultures – Many leaders still see room for improvement within their organizations: 78% of global data and analytics decision-makers report planned or ongoing initiatives to change their management culture to rely more on quantitative decisions2.

A New Formula for Success

The amount of time and effort spent on building in-house capabilities challenges the possibility of achieving fast speed-to-value. This fosters an industry adoption of external expertise for the desired speed, value and business outcomes:

Based on a Forrester survey3 conducted through 1,893 global data and analytics decision-makers who have engaged third parties for data and analytics services, versus the 684 who have not:

  • An additional 27% of leaders who have engaged external services strongly agree or agree that they are able to access the data needed to obtain insights in a timely manner.
  • An additional 31% of leaders who have engaged external services strongly agree or agree that they are able to apply insights to operational processes and actions in a timely manner.

Partner with Hortonworks Professional Services

To help customers quickly realize the value in their data, Hortonworks employs the highest number of open source contributors, community members, and a global network of specialized experts to form the Professional Services group. The organization provides the expertise needed for a successful data analytics adoption and progression to support the strategic use cases needed to maintain competitive advantage. Our professionals can help clients manage the entire lifecycle of their projects, from the ingestion and collection of data, to the extrapolation of insights, and finally, the transformation into business actions.

For a complete end-to-end project engagement, the key phases include:

  • Align your business objectives with a data strategy – Explore the business objectives and set scope, parameters and prioritization for feasible roadmap, ensuring on-time on-target engagement. Our services group is focused on establishing a long-term Hadoop strategy, and changing the way you structure your big data strategy, including building a hybrid architecture to gain better visibility and control over your data across both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Design and implement a data architecture – Based on your unique data environment, Hortonworks consultants will design the optimal data architecture to source and collect relevant data that yields the best data insights. We offer a full installation of Hadoop, streaming, or hybrid data infrastructure, as well as knowledge transfer and best practices to operate and maintain the platforms.
  • Apply data engineering and data science – Data is normalized and converted into a usable format. With Hortonworks data engineering functions, the consultants will support data scientists and their ability to perform specific data modeling, ingestion, processing, and consumption functionalities, allowing them to better explore and analyze batch, interactive, streaming, and IoT data. Furthermore, Hortonworks data science offerings help develop actionable insights through statistical analytics, model development, data mining, as well as AI and Machine Learning.
  • Operationalize a production platform for business outcomes – Lastly, our consultants will ensure smooth running of the platform in production that generates data insights needed for customer’s business. This means the integration of insights with the relevant applicants, decisions, and business processes, transforming insights into concrete business actions that help accomplish the customer’s intended objectives.

To learn more about how Hortonworks Professional Services can help you with your data journey and requirements, contact an expert here.

For more resources

1Source: Partner Strategically to Accelerate Your Insights-Driven Business, Forrester, January 2018
2Source: Forrester Data Global Business Technographics Data and Analytics Survey, 2017
3Source: Forrester Data Global Business Technographics Data and Analytics Survey, 2017

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