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April 03, 2017
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Pinsight Media Connects Brands to Audiences to Be First Fueling Intelligent Ad Decisions

My Hortonworks customer blog yesterday focused on a telephony company using Big Data to handle and route millions of calls to increase marketing conversion rates. It’s only fitting that I blog today on a company that leverages Big Data in the same realm, but in a different way: mobile advertising.

Pinsight Media (Pinsight) began in 2012 with the mission of combining first-party data with mobile web and app data, to uncover users’ actual habits and brand affinities. Pinsight then offers its clients distinct personas that are precisely targeted to achieve maximum campaign performance, with both precision targeting and efficient ad buys. To be first in this space, the company required an agile, scalable platform that allowed it to manage a massive data lake of verified, first-party data from mobile networks.

Pinsight recognized that its ability to be first in the market hinged on the ability to answer three fundamental questions about Big Data in advertising:

  1. What demographic data can be gleaned from mobile app usage?
  2. What behavioral data can be detected from particular traffic usage?
  3. Where are the consumers located at a given time, and how can persistent location data better predict their next action?

Pinsight understood that only a single view of its consumers could answer all three questions, while also providing the scale and agility they needed to grow their business. They turned to Connected Data Platforms architected and supported by our company: Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP™) and Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF™).

To establish its first HDP cluster delivering Big Data analytics for advertising, Pinsight relied upon the deep subject matter expertise of Hortonworks Professional Services. As the volume, veracity, velocity, and variety of Pinsight’s data scaled in that first cluster, Pinsight has continued to rely upon Hortonworks Professional Services to help optimize its architecture for both batch and streaming analysis.

Pinsight now manages a data lake on HDP. That lake supplies the ad tech industry with verified, first-party data straight from the network. This offers the most real, up-to-date view of people and their genuine behaviors, yielding precision targeting, minimizing waste, and improving campaign ROI.

As for data ingestion, Pinsight uses HDF to ingest a whopping 60 terabytes daily into HDP, from over 30 unique sources and across 65 million devices. This includes about 30 billion location event records per day. These records are ingested straight from the network, providing a deeper analysis about the day-to-day travel patterns of mobile users and their varying personas as they move in and out of their day. As new mobile data sources emerge or existing sources change, HDF allows Pinsight to seamlessly adjust data ingest—never missing the chance to give its clients a clear, actionable view of today’s marketplace. Without HDF and HDP working together seamlessly, these insights wouldn’t be possible.

You don’t need to take my word for it, Pinsight is more than willing to share their story with the world:

To learn more about Pinsight and their journey for Big Data in advertising, visit our Customers page.

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