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October 17, 2016
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The Power of your Data Achieved: Next Generation Modernization

It’s no secret that there is a data explosion. A recent IDC analyst report from April 2014 indicated the volume of data, known as the digital universe, is doubling in size every two years. And by 2020, there will be as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe.

There are many reasons for this explosion, and one of them is due to the growing number of connected devices. Cars, Phones, Sensors, and Beacons. We also see existing devices generate more data output. Server logs, activity logs, Consumer data, Asset data, Operational data. All of this is coming at us faster, in greater quantities, and in unprecedented formats. This has created the concept of the “Three V’s” – Volume, Velocity, and Variety.

We didn’t talk about data in the past. We talked about business processes like:

  • Order to Cash,
  • Hire to Retire, and
  • Procure to Pay, etc.

These traditional business scenarios are now balanced with new data elements that enrich the process:

  • Order to Cash in an omnichannel, real-time delivery environment with online feedback, rating, and targeted promotions to expand the cart, influence repeat buys, and drive additional revenue
  • Hire to Retire with a rich ecosystem of contract workers, using sentiment analysis for propensity to leave and churn prevention
  • Procure to Pay in a Business-to-Business-to-Consumer model where unique delivery patterns can reduce out-of-stocks, and collaboration can improve supplier performance and quality assurance

What once was the automation of business has come full circle. Technology has been applied to business process over the years, subject to capability, processing speed, and data collection constraints. Today we are able to revisit those processes in a new light, considering the new requirements of an always-on, instant-response, and rapid-feedback public. Data is the common denominator that allows us to transact. We can provide goods and services, and consumers can receive goods and services, with both parties in a whirlwind of data. Sentiment, brand opinion, product lifecycle, and consumer insight are all immediately available before, during, and after a transaction.

We are truly in a new paradigm, and can only keep up by managing the data. Traditional systems are not equipped to handle this growing volume of data. Technologies like structured databases and data warehouses struggle to keep up with this explosion of new data types.

Companies with existing technology investments are struggling to keep up with and manage data effectively, and they seek a creative solution. They are looking to build support for new business processes while also evaluating ways to remove cost from legacy systems.

That’s why, Saama leverages a hybrid delivery approach that combines services and technology accelerators in a unique orchestration environment to allow you to bring out the specific advantages that you need. The approach builds on and connects the assets you have, and automates and pipes as much as possible to move from data to insights to action.

Technology can be complex, and it is important to manage projects with trusted professionals. Saama is proud to partner with Hortonworks on this.

We are entering a paradigm shift of data management. As companies embrace the explosion of data, it is important to evaluate and select the right data management platform, and deploy it in a way that provides rapid results with proven business impact.

Saama and Hortonworks will be presenting a webinar on October 18, 2016 at 1pm ET, focused on The Power of your Data Achieved – Next Gen Modernization. Register today to join the conversation.


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