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June 22, 2017
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Powering Big Data Success In The Cloud

Powering Big Data Success in the Cloud with Hortonworks Flex Support Subscription
Big data success is predicated upon skills and experience. Big data success in the cloud is also predicated upon skills and experience. This is precisely the reason why Hortonworks has a new offering: Flex Support Subscription, that is provides expertise for workloads in the cloud. For example, How do you optimize Apache Spark workloads in the cloud? How do you tune your resources for maximum performance and efficiency?

New Flex Support is 3:1 for Cloud, On-Prem and Hybrid

An elastic support offering designed for fluctuating workloads in the cloud, this Flex support subscription also applies as a 3-in-1 option for variable infrastructure choices that fluctuate between on-prem, cloud and IaaS, giving enterprises the flexibility and agility they need. As one customer recently shared, “Through Hortonworks Flex Support Subscription, we have the ability to adapt and scale with confidence and deliver advanced support.”

To learn more about the newest Hortonworks support subscription offering, attend this webinar on June 27th where we will cover:

  • Options for running Data Science, Analytics and ETL workloads in the cloud
  • Hortonworks support offerings including the new Flex Support Subscription
  • How to run Cloud workloads more efficiently with SmartSense
  • Case study on the impact of SmartSense

Attend the webinar!

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