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March 15, 2017
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Powering Your Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization Strategy

We are now all accustomed to pundits and observers all over the world boldly proclaiming that data is the currency of the digital age. But if everyone does it then where will my competitive advantage come from? Well, one way could be by being faster, better, and cheaper than the rest.  That is how previous generations of our industrial revolutions went.

To help you in your journey, Denodo, the leader in data virtualization is hosting their Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit on March 29th, 2017. It promises to bring a ton of great insights from thought leaders on ways to build your data strategies and making it faster at delivering value, faster to get insights or faster to achieve massive cost savings.

EDW Optimization

Tune in to my session, titled “Powering the future of data” at 10am PST in the Hadoop, IoT, MDM track where I will focus on providing useful use cases on how companies can use our big data technologies to augment their existing enterprise data warehouse (EDW) deployments and quickly achieve transformative value. By offloading some of the non-essential processes and data into Hadoop platforms, you can get better enterprise data warehouse (EDW) optimization and save money while answering more business questions faster because you can keep all your data at hand.

Future of Fast Big Data

A key focus on the event is on the need for speed – real time everything. Hadoop has gone through a major transformation in this regards since it’s batch MapReduce days. Today with Hive LLAP, Spark, Storm, Kafka etc we have moved into the future of big data with interactive analysis, predictive analytics, and streaming analytics.  Increasingly the focus is on capturing those perishable insights at the furthest edges of our environment and get that actionable insight when it matters most – an autonomous car avoiding a pothole, a personal medical device that call the doctor due to an acutely elevated heartrate, or the usual promotional offer to buy something from Nordstrom when you walk past their door.

Our Connected Data Platforms vision is all about helping you establish a data fabric in your organization that will help you harness all your data at rest and the data in motion to deliver actionable insights.

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Register now to attend Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit.


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