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June 22, 2017
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Prescient Secures Big Data for Predictive Analytics to Secure the Streets

Predictive Analytics and Big Data at Prescient
Predictive Analytics and Big Data at Prescient

With the advent of technology and justifiably high expectations for public safety, it is not enough to deal with a crime after it occurs anymore. In the world of Big Data, the powers of predictive analytics applied to emerging threats can help prevent a disaster before it happens.

Presence of Mind at Prescient

Federal, international, and corporate organizations have a large stake in tackling complex global security challenges, but there is also a desperate need to protect individuals whenever they decide to travel away from the comforts of their home. Prescient is doing all of it.

Prescient provides tailored services that address complex problems in the areas of Risk Management, Due Diligence, Traveler Safety and Research & Development. Prescient serves a range of needs for select Government customers with expertly trained professionals from the Intelligence, Federal Law Enforcement, Special Operations, Software Engineering and Business communities.

Peace of Mind for Travelers

Fully understanding the security elements of the public sector, Prescient wanted to provide the same types of services to the public domain. Prescient developed a mobile app that would alert users about potential treats in different areas as they travel. The challenge of protecting anyone and identifying potential threats starts with data. Collecting historical and real-time streaming data, processing it, and making actionable decisions carries an even greater responsibility for Prescient. People’s lives depend on these processes. The company needed to disseminate information as soon as it detects a threat and still constantly refresh that information. The information needs to be right, and delivered at the right time.

With a 100% open-source strategy powered by Hortonworks, Prescient was able to build a platform that would ingest real-time threat data, determine patterns based on previous crimes, and deliver safety alerts to users. From a data standpoint, they are able to accomplish this with over 49,000 different prioritized sources of data and with 19,000 location updates per second. From a business perspective, they were able to save $500,000, improve analysts’ productivity by 700%, and deliver a higher quality automated threat assessments. Lastly, and most importantly, millions of subscribers have access to real-time threat detection to keep them safe. Pushing the boundaries of innovation, Prescient has taken their mission critical data and delivered a solution that helps alleviates public concerns when they travel.

For more information about how Prescient is able to create a modern security application with a connected data platform using Hortonworks, read our case study.

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