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May 05, 2014
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Qlik Partners with Hortonworks to Provide Value and Insight into Customer Data

There’s no denying that the information collected by Big Data architectures such as Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is revolutionizing how enterprises view and understand their business. The data contains deep insights into many aspects of the business such as sales, customer trends and buying patterns.

The problem has been not only how to extract those insights from the data but how to get it quickly and easily into the hands of the people who need it the most.  Historically, users in the enterprise have had to wait on a centralized group of experts to drill into the data and create the requested reports.  Often these reports spawn a new set of questions that depend on additional data queries for answers.  This process can be long and time consuming, delaying critical business decisions.

With Qlik, a Hortonworks Certified Technology Partner and leader in business discovery software, access to the business intelligence is driven by the very users who need the reports.  Unlike most business intelligence software, with QlikView, information workers can self serve and ask questions sequentially and serially, without going back to an expert for a new report or data visualization. The answers are already there, available through simple clicks and taps.

QlikView allows multiple users to access the data collected from HDP simultaneously, and these users can generate their own customized reports, graphs and tables at their fingertips. It also enables real-time communication with users by providing collaboration tools for communicate to each other, to partners and their customers.

Qlik in the Modern Data Architecture

Qlik can access and visualize data in Apache Hadoop (on HDP) as well as traditional data repositories to provide a complete view of all the data making use of your existing software investments.


Hortonworks Sandbox Connection with QlikView

Qlik has developed a Sandbox tutorial designed to help you get connected with QlikView within minutes, to access data from the Hortonworks Sandbox or Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). The QlikView demo uses Apache Hive (via ODBC connection) as the SQL access to data in the Sandbox. QlikView has two modes of ingesting data:

  • Data loaded to QlikView In-Memory Associative Data Store
    • Pros – Sub Second Response Time, Data Compression, only accesses Data from HDP at time of load (Less Load on HDP)
    • Con – Data Size Limitation, Data Duplication
  • QlikView Hybrid Solution – QlikView Direct Discovery on top of Hadoop
    • Pro – Ability to analyze Big Data. Data is left in HDP, workload is pushed down to HDP
    • Con – Response time is higher. May have to use Tez to dramatically improve response time on large datasets

The Tutorial will cover the first option above: loading data into QlikView In-Memory Associative Data Store.  With simple modifications to the load script, the application can be configured to run the QlikView Hybrid Solution where data resides inside HDP.

What next?

Try the Qlik Sandbox Tutorial. Alternatively, the tutorial can also be accessed from the QlikMarket.

Learn More

  1. Visit Hortonworks Partners
  2. Visit  Qlik website.


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