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September 26, 2011
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Recent Hortonworks Presentations

Interest in Hortonworks and Apache Hadoop continues to rise. This past week, I presented at two conferences and had a number of requests to share our slides. Both presentations are now posted on and linked to in this blog.

The first conference was the Cowen Big Data Day in New York City. The slides for this presentation are available here. The Cowen Group is a leading financial services and investment banking firm. They hosted a one-day conference on Big Data for the investment community and invited the CEOs of many of the leading providers in the market, including Hortonworks. My presentation covered the role that Apache Hadoop is playing within enterprise architectures and the long-term opportunities that exist. There is also some insight into the Hortonworks strategy that might be interesting to folks that want to better understand our business.

The second conference was the Storage Developer’s Conference and Cloud Burst Summit in Santa Clara, CA. I was one of the keynote speakers for this conference and my slides are available here. For this presentation, I went into a bit more deal on HDFS and MapReduce use cases and futures.

The autumn is shaping up to be a busy season including keynote presentations at both Apache Lucene Eurocon in Barcelona and ApacheCon in Vancouver. Hope to see you there.


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