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April 13, 2017
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Reduce Man-hours, Improve Performance

Recruit Technologies Co (Recruit Technologies) supports the Recruit Group a classified advertisement, publication, and human resources company founded in Japan in 1963. Recruit Group targets consumers based upon their wide range of personal needs, including job hunts, marriages, childbirth, auto and home purchases, travel, dining, beauty, and e-commerce.

Data is a mission-critical element of Recruit Technologies’ business. Yet as analysts within Recruit Technologies collected more data, the sheer quantity began to slow processing speeds and time to analysis. Recruit Technologies began looking at new options and quickly settled on Apache™ Hadoop® (Hadoop).

Next, Recruit Technologies began to shop for a Hadoop distribution. They had two criteria:

  1. Operation man-hours must be less than or equal to current man-hours
  2. Performance must be equal to or better than current performance

Soon after deployment of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®), Recruit Technologies noticed substantially fewer man-hours were required to sustain noticeable improvement in performance.

The vibrant Hadoop community and Hortonworks support further ensured Recruit Technologies would always keep pace with the latest advances in the open source technology. The choice was made.

The deployment of HDP helps Recruit Technologies reduce operation costs, especially software maintenance and subscription fees. Recruit Technologies also notices improved performance throughout.

The full Recruit Technologies case study was recently translated from Japanese. You can read it here.



Technical Recruiters - Nimbus Hire says:

with increased man hours there will be issue with employees like depression,overburdened,not free so this change in behavior cause a less work performance.

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