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September 20, 2016
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Reflections as a Hortonworker, One Year Later

My life as part of a high performance team

Last week we released Hortonworks DataFlow HDF 2.0. It was a great 1 year anniversary present for me – a new release of the product I’ve been supporting since I joined Hortonworks a year ago. I’ve had the privilege of working with the most talented, quick-thinking, smart, thoughtful, considerate, well-rounded, high performance team I’ve ever worked with in my life. (Now, to all those people I’ve worked with before – please don’t take offense. You are still awesome.)  But to all my fellow Hortonworkers – you know what I mean. We’ve all worked elsewhere, and we have all found that Hortonworks moves at a pace that we haven’t seen in any other company.  The power of open source. Specifically the Apache Software Foundation.

Amazing progress in one year

It’s amazing the pace of innovation and customer responsiveness we are able to achieve. In just 365 days, we have:

The power of open source

Now, to share a little secret, all that was achieved in the 365 days was not really a normal 365 days. As we like to say here at Hortonworks, 1 month here, is like 3 months somewhere else. Again, the power of open source. We can achieve in 12 months, what others may need in 36 months.  The community at large, together with us – is what made those achievements outlined above possible.

Leading innovation with a high performance team

All this means means is that we have incredible skills and achievements in fast-paced innovation. Through dynamic responsiveness and constant communication the entire team – from field to engineering and the community at large – there is context and alignment for unparalleled execution.

So one year later, I just wanted to say it’s been amazing year, made possible because we are doing it together.

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