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April 19, 2017
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Retailers: Your World is Changing!

Big Data is rapidly changing our world.

In the past, retailers would interact with customers across multiple channels, yet the interaction and purchase data would remain siloed. Brand health would further remain a mystery, as competitor movement, product launches, and news and social media would happen in siloes of their own. Meanwhile retailers would leave a massive volume of clickstream data on the floor, never capitalizing on the rich customer insights within.

No more. Check out this video and learn how Hortonworks is helping retailers be first in their industry.


Today, retailers are capturing data in real-time, as it streams from:
• sensors
• beacons
• weighted shelves
• smart hangers, bins, and racks

They’re using this streaming data to enrich what they already know about their customers. Retailers are capturing social media profiles and sentiment. They’re combining that data with consumer profiles, demographics, and purchase history. They’re targeting consumers directly, with offers so pointed their customers can’t refuse.

How are retailers riding this fundamental transformation of the retail industry? Through Connected Data Platforms. Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF™) allows retailers to collect, curate, analyze, and deliver real-time data from the Internet of Anything. Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®) provides retailers with a secure enterprise data lake from which they can innovate quickly through real-time business insights.

For more information, visit our Retail Industry page to read the white paper and an array of customer stories.


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