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September 28, 2015
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Rocana and Hortonworks Deliver IT Operations on an Open Platform

Our guest blog today is from Don Brown, COO and Founder of Rocana, Hortonworks Technology Partner, talks about our partnership, mainstream Hadoop adoption and the importance of global IT Operations management.

Our partnership with Hortonworks is another exciting step on the path to mainstream adoption of Hadoop as the critical platform for modern, global-scale IT Operations management. Hortonworks’ emphasis on a platform that scales with the demands of big data applications is a great fit for the IT Operations market and for customers looking for more reliable, extensible, analytics, and limitless solutions.

One of the first customer successes of Rocana Ops and Hortonworks Data Platform provides a great example of the importance of running IT Operations on big data. The customer, a very large retailer, was struggling with their legacy solution, which was simply incapable of cost-effectively handling their web-scale machine data. At just a couple TBs of data per day, the system license costs were overwhelming and the TCO was excessive as the solution required expensive hardware (fully loaded racks with enterprise grade SSDs) to deliver any kind of service-level. Already experienced with Hortonworks, they realized that a highly-scalable and reliable big data platform was exactly what they needed as the foundation of their next generation IT Operations solution. They tested and then adopted the combination of Rocana Ops and Hortonworks Data Platform as their new standard. With the Rocana and Hortonworks products this retailer is able to more than triple the amount of data captured — a significant benefit because they are able to monitor more failure points in their infrastructure than ever before. And at 1/10th the cost per TB, they can improve monitoring capabilities while reducing their TCO.

The benefits of the Rocana / Hortonworks partnership extend far beyond scalability and cost-savings. The hidden value is in the analytics enabled by an open platform. Customers can easily use their existing tools that work with Apache Hadoop for custom analytics. This capability is not just limited to search interfaces and historical queries; Rocana also supports real-time streaming analytics. At Rocana, we have taken advantage of these advanced capabilities of the Hadoop ecosystem to build an out-of-the-box anomaly detection feature that finds IT issues automatically.

We are very excited about our partnership with Hortonworks and the power this combination brings to IT Operations and security teams. With big data as a platform for IT Operations, customers are only limited by their imaginations. If you are interesting in learning more about Rocana and Hortonworks, contact or come see us in person at Strata Hadoop World in New York (Sep 29 – Oct 1).

Don (@tensigma) is a co-founder of Rocana and serves as its COO. As COO, Don is responsible for Rocana’s Sales and Operations. Throughout his career, Don has advised many Fortune 100 companies, assisting in both strategic and tactical aspects of their Big Data deployments.


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