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June 06, 2017
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Rogers Communications: Improving Customer Experience through Predictive Modeling

The San Jose DataWorks Summit (June 13-15) is next week! We have an impressive lineup
of keynote and breakout speakers. This year our Enterprise Adoption Track will feature Chris Dingle, Sr. Director, Customer Intelligence, at Rogers Communications.

Rogers Communications is one of the largest Canadian communications and media companies. Headquartered in Toronto, Rogers is data-driven and determined to understand and improve its customer experience. Rogers uses Apache NiFi to help manage the flow of information between its disparate data sources, and to gain analytical insights from that information, in near real-time.

Join Chris on Wednesday, June 14th, at 4:10pm as he presents:

Predictive Modeling and NiFi: Improving Customer Touch Points and Customer Experience

Processing big data in near-real time to understand customer experience in a complete 360-degree view is an evolution in applied machine learning for communication service providers (CSPs). In conjunction, CSPs are building predictive models to obtain a complete understanding of how each experience affects a customer’s net promoter score (NPS). And, where the predicted score may be improved, determining what communications may be implemented. Applying the SAS® natural language processing (NLP) and machine-learning capabilities to unstructured data (online chat, NPS surveys and social media sentiment, for example) allows for proactive service and root-cause analysis of customer experience and their effects on NPS.


Be sure to register for the DataWorks Summit to catch this presentation and many others!


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