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March 07, 2013
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Seamless Reporting & Analytics for Apache Hadoop & Big Data Users

Jaspersoft, a Hortonworks certified technology partner, recently completed a survey on the early use of Apache Hadoop in the enterprise. The company found 38% of respondents require real-time or near real-time analytics for their Big Data with Hadoop. Also, within the enterprise, there is a diverse group of people who use Hadoop for such insights: 63% are application developers, 15% are BI report developers and 10% are BI admins or casual business users. Register for a free webinar to hear more.

So, for Hadoop users, the partnership between Hortonworks and Jaspersoft provides a good combination– Jaspersoft provides the ideal complement for reporting and analysis of Hadoop-based Big Data systems through a full suite of ETL, Apache Hive, and native Apache HBase connectors for low-latency data exploration. Not only does the company have an open source model that empowers users to deploy Big Data reporting and analytics quickly and cost-effectively, pre-defined reports make it easy for a wide group of users to gain and share immediate insight.

Jaspersoft joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program in 2012, extending advanced reporting capabilities to Hadoop users. The Hortonworks Technology Partner Program is designed to assist ISVs and other solution providers to integrate and extend their solutions for Hadoop, and includes a variety of technical enablement, technical support and training offerings. According to Hortonworks’ CTO Eric Baldschwieler, “Jaspersoft’s industry-leading reporting, analysis, and dashboard products, together with the Hortonworks Data Platform, make it easy and cost-effective for customers to derive maximum insights and value from their largest data stores.”

Choosing the right analytical approach

As easy as this sounds, there are still several approaches to analyzing and reporting on Big Data and numerous use cases— web analytics, fraud detection, security monitoring and healthcare just to name a few. Choosing the right approach depends on what insights you need and why you need them, and can make all the difference in how much value you extract from your data.

An upcoming webinar hosted by Hortonworks and Jaspersoft on March 13 will delve into the various architectural choices used in Hadoop reporting and analytics, and several use cases will be discussed. Register now.


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