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April 01, 2014
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Secure, reliable Hadoop data transfer with Cleo MFT

There is no doubt that enterprises recognize how Big Data is crucial to monetizing their business.  The information contained in the volumes of data collected can offer key insights into product, customer and competitive trends.  There are a variety of sophisticated tools for Big Data analytics and processing but most big data implementations are based on rudimentary technologies like FTP based scripts for data collection and distribution.

Although FTP is a widely used protocol, there is an inherent lack of reliability in this approach.  It is estimated that FTP fails 8% of the time under regular loads and does not scale well for Big Data implementations.  Often IT administrators have to create specific scripts that look for exceptions and launch retries of the data transmission.  This can lead to a lot of wasted time and resources to ensure that data is transferred reliably.

A Hortonworks Data Platform powered by a Cleo managed file transfer solution gives companies a competitive edge in this integral process, and Cleo’s top-of-the-line products give Hortonworks customers a secure and reliable Hadoop data transfer option.

For example, one of the largest agri-business firms in North America was faced with the big data challenge of exchanging a complex array of documents between various applications internally and with external partners, suppliers, and customers. The quantity of documents was doubling annually as the success of its e-business program was taking off, and the firm had outgrown its service providers. Cleo’s highly equipped big data Managed File Transfer (MFT) servers along with advanced dashboard capabilities increased the company’s traffic volumes and visibility and improved transaction cycle times.

Cleo MFT for big data enables organizations to benefit from extreme reliability, high scalability and the ease of installation and implementation. The MFT technology provides a guaranteed delivery framework for Big Data.

Additionally the MFT ensures that data is transferred securely thereby protecting any private data collected.  This is particularly important for industries such as Healthcare, Power Generation and Financial Services.

The power of Hadoop has been embraced by CIOs all over and offers a fast path to unlock the value of big data and with Cleo MFT data can be reliably and securely transferred ensuring that integrity of the data collected.

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