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June 11, 2014
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Unified Security for the Hadoop Data Operating System across Workloads

Enterprises are using Apache Hadoop powered by YARN as a Data Operating System to run multiple workloads and use cases instead of using it just as a single purpose cluster.

A multi-purpose enterprise wide data platform often referred to as a data lake gives rise to the need for a comprehensive approach to security across the Hadoop platform and the workloads. Few weeks back Hortonworks acquired XA Secure to further execute on our vision to bring a holistic security framework to the Hadoop community irrespective of the workload.

As a result of the XA Secure acquisition, HDP Security now offers some additional capabilities:

Centralized Security Administration

Users can now easily manage all the security policies related to access control in one place.

Fine Grained Access Control

Administrators can use a "Single pane of glass" with an easy interface to configure entitlement policies for HDFS, HBase and Hive. We support fine grain access control, down to column level in HBase and Hive, and file level in HDFS.


Audit data provides accountability and control over the Hadoop platform. We now provide a centralized audit reporting capability and the ability to get detailed audit data from HDFS, HBase and Hive. The audit data is further broken down into access audit, policy audit and agent audit data, giving a granular visibility to auditors on users’ access as well as administrative actions within the HDP Security Portal.

Last week at Hadoop Summit, we published a tutorial and a new Hortonworks Sandbox with HDP Security for you to experience these new capabilities.

Learn More

  1. Download the new Sandbox
  2. Work through the Tutorial

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