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March 30, 2017
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Soleo Communications Uses HDP and HDF to Turn Phone Calls Into Higher Conversion Rates

One of the best parts about my job is learning how Big Data drives the world around us. I’m continually awed by the plethora of transformative customer stories and Big Data use cases across every industry.

Take for instance Soleo Communications. Soleo bridges the space between the world of telephony and the world of Modern Data Applications. Every week Soleo handles and routes millions of calls and searches for consumers trying to connect to local merchants. Through Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), Soleo collects and process all of that data in bulk, pulling from data centers across the United States. Soleo then uses HDP to analyze these calls and generate individualized reports for account managers, merchants, business analysts, and data scientists. These reports give their customers the insight they need to boost customer loyalty and achieve return on investment.

Famed businessman and marketing pioneer John Wanamaker once remarked, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Unfortunately, conversion rates don’t often hit 50%, hovering instead around 2-3%. But when you already know the detail on the purchase intent of the person you’re advertising to, as Soleo does based on telephony analytics, an advertiser or retailer can increase that conversation rate to 10-15%.

As Soleo’s business scaled, the company realized that it could provide even greater value to its consumers with streaming analysis that generated reports much faster. Soleo’s data scientists recognized the opportunity to fine-tune and optimize their service in real-time, using the same incoming streams of data.

For this real-time, streaming analytics on data-in-motion, Soleo turned to Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF).

The results? Higher quality leads for their customers and a competitive advantage in their industry. Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms provide the only 100% open-source, integrated solution for companies like Soleo, who are striving to be first in their industries.

These are the business innovators looking to capture business value from all of their data—data at rest and data in motion—with HDP and HDF working together to reinforce the value that each brings to datacenter and cloud architectures.

Other Hortonworks customers in the advertising industry include:

  • Mining POS streams and loyalty program data to identify high-value customers
  • Targeting ads to specific cultural or linguistic segments
  • Personalizing video syndication according to behavior, demographics and channel, and
  • Optimizing online ad placement.

To learn more about how Soleo connects people with businesses, visit

To learn more about how companies are leveraging HDP and HDF to transform their business and power the future of data, visit


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