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May 23, 2016
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Spain-based Billy Mobile sees “growth, growth, growth”

I’m just reaching the end of my first month at Hortonworks based in our London office.  Most of that time has been spent with our customers understanding their use cases, reading about trends and developments in data analytics or watching videos about everything from connected data platforms to modern data apps to the bits and bytes of Apache Hadoop…. Be kind people, no testing me yet please!

As you’d expect in a market and company that is moving so fast, I’ve been astounded by how many stories, anecdotes and experiences I’ve heard that underline how the future of data is critical to us as individuals, as businesses and within society.  I’m excited to start sharing some of those stories with you via our blog.

Marketing was arguably one of the first lines of business to understand the impact data could have on growth and profitability.  I started out in 1996 (how is it that long ago?!) and remember the impact Marketo had quite some years later when it came to adding intelligence and automation based on customer behaviour, experience and engagement.  While it built on a steady stream of advancements, it certainly represented a huge leap forward from when I’d started with stuffing collateral into envelopes a decade previously!

Fast forward to 2016 and it’s widely accepted that marketing professionals must use data analytics to be as effective for the bottom line as possible. Indeed, an article in Forbes acknowledged that of all the ways businesses are finding ways big data can streamline operations, “marketing is perhaps one of the most important”.

At Hadoop Summit in Dublin in April (working day #4 for me!), I heard many of our customers back up this point of view, including Geoff Cleaves from Billy Mobile.

Billy Mobile is a mobile advertising exchange headquartered in Barcelona.

The team manages 100 million clicks per day but as a company that was only born in 2015, it sees that number exceeding billions per day as it scales up and out.

The success of its business is hinged on its ability to churn through tens of millions of records to connect the right advertisement with the right user using semantic analysis and machine learning.  It use Hadoop to draw on performance data which is seconds, days or months old to best understand how to match users with its advertisements.

Before I give too much of a preview, I’d encourage you to take a look at this 2-minute video about Billy Mobile.  It’s a great example of how Hortonworks Data Platform is helping a customer keep ahead of the speed and scale its business model is growing at.  As Geoff rightly says, it’s all about ‘growth, growth, growth!’


Georg Muller says:

Not going to register to watch a marketing video.

Louise Matthews says:

Hi Georg – good spot, you shouldn’t of had to register to watch it so that’s been corrected now, thank you!

In terms of the content, we recorded the video and can’t deny we want to share it so you can all hear about other customer experiences 🙂 We asked the questions and Geoff was kind enough to answer so it’s his story, in his words. There will be others from different industry sectors coming through too.

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