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January 16, 2014
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Speed, Scale and SQL: The Stinger Initiative, Apache Hive 12 & Apache Tez

I recently sat down with Owen O’Malley and Carter Shanklin to discuss the dramatic improvements delivered by the Stinger Initiative to version 0.12 of Apache Hive, which is well on its way to being 100x faster than pre-Stinger versions of Hive. That means interactive queries on petabytes of data.

Owen is one of the original architects of Apache Hadoop and Carter is the Hortonworks product manager focused on Hive. Together, they explain the speed, scale and SQL semantics delivered in Apache Hive v0.12, which is included in Hortonworks Data Platform v2.0. You can also find a technical preview of Hive 13 on our Labs page.

There’s also a little bit of Apache Hadoop YARN woven in.

Highlights include:

  • Basic definitions for Apache Hive, Apache Tez, the ORCFile format, predicate pushdown, vectorization and the Stinger Initiative
  • Discussion of new features in Hive 12
  • Addition of the VARCHAR and DATE data types
  • Preview of Hive 13 and phase three of Stinger

Visit our Stinger Initiative labs page to learn more.


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