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September 22, 2014
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STORM and SOLR for Sentiment Analysis & Continuous Repricing for Retailers

ITC Infotech is a Hortonworks consulting and integration partner and provides IT services and solutions to leading global customers. The company addresses a wide range of customer challenges through innovative IT solutions.

Today, guest blogger Aditya Agrawal, head of Advance technology, ZLabs at ITC Infotech focuses on ITC’s RADAR framework for the Retail industry.

STORM and SOLR are excellent examples of new Hadoop tools that enable new use cases that were pretty hard to implement before.

Case in point – at ITC we’ve had a powerful, self-trained Natural Language Processing Engine for some time now. But only recently have we integrated it with STORM and SOLR. Our implementation which we call RADAR (Real-time Analytics Dashboard Application for Retail), retailers can now create continuous repricing campaigns that can be implemented in real-time in their pricing systems. RADAR is now available for download from Hortonworks Sandbox.

ITC Infotech RADAR FrameworkThe RADAR framework is general in that any number of factors can go into repricing. For example, competitive pricing and deal information available on the web or social media can be one input. Another key input is any kind of unstructured text data available on the products under question, whether they come from reviews, social media or simply from webcrawl which can easily be accomplished within RADAR. Yet another input can be a webcrawl obtained from competitors’ information that is publicly available on the internet.

RADAR has the ability to break down the unstructured information into fine-grained, per-attribute sentiment and summary data that is dashboarded in Tableau, D3 or other visualization tools, or passed on to downstream tools for further analysis.

We are super excited about this and so are a lot of retailers who have tried this out! Check it out – download for free at the Hortonworks Sandbox here !

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ITC Infotech and Hortonworks Partnership


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