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November 01, 2013
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Strata NYC in Review: Enterprise Data Hubbub

We had a lot of fun in NYC and hope you did too. Thanks to the hundreds of you who dropped by the booth, attended dinners, parties, meetups and sessions.

As we have known for some time, Hortonworks customers are already building a modern data architecture with Hadoop as the technology of choice for handling the data they have streaming in from all directions. They care that it matches their needs, integrates with their existing infrastructure and solves real problems with flexibility.

So it’s in that spirit that we continue to ensure we have the best technology investments and ecosystem relationships to help realize our customers’ vision of an enterprise data platform (or hub if you really want to call it that…) with Hortonworks Data Platform as the underlying ‘Data Operating System’.

The Who and Why of Hadoop

It seemed everyone at Strata had a Hadoop cluster and the majority of attendees answered with the three-letter acronym of a commercial distribution they were using. Most often we heard the acronym HDP.

We were flattered by the affirmation, but even more thrilling was the response to “Why?” which was very consistent… our leadership in open source and more importantly, our involvement in the open community. As Wouter de Bie of Spotify said on the CUBE, we are aligned with what they want to accomplish. Hortonworks President, Herb Cunitz also talked through our approach.

We talked more broadly about 3 reasons customers choose Hortonworks on our blog and if you’re ready to build your modern data architecture, we also have this handy ‘How To Migrate to Hortonworks Data Platform’ guide.

Spinning YARNs

We’re proud of Hadoop 2, YARN and our release of HDP 2.0 which takes advantage of all of that community innovation. Even more exciting was YARN adoption in the exhibit hall. While Continuuity has led the charge for over a year building their entire company on YARN, they have been joined by  some existing vendors like Talend and Actian/ParAccel, who both made major releases of their products taking advantage of YARN. These apps built on the data operating system of Hadoop will represent the future of enterprise data architecture. You can find the extensive list of HDP 2 certified partners here.

YARN also underpins efforts such as Stinger, and Arun, Alan and Owen shared some early results of Phase 3 of the Stinger project showing huge progress: 190x performance improvements from Hive 10 to Hive 12.

You can get started thinking about all of the new possibilities that Hadoop 2 brings as we released Hortonworks Sandbox 2.0, a single-node instance of HDP 2.0, and our Hadoop 2 training material.

A Vibrant Ecosystem

The exhibit halls were packed and all the major data center players were there, many of whom are our partners. In as much as Hadoop represents a key component of a modern data architecture, enterprises will always also rely on other key strategic partners. This week we announced a resell agreement with HP, Microsoft announced the availability of their HDInsight Service (Hadoop in the cloud powered by HDP), and Rackspace announced their Big Data Cloud offering – again powered by HDP.

We believe that enterprises will require flexibility to deliver their enterprise data platform. With these announcements, Hortonworks Data Platform offers unique flexibility and portability of data across Linux and Windows, and across on-premise, private and public cloud implementation.

So what about next year?

Someone also asked me what I thought the tone would be next year.  As Mark Madsen said: “The technologies are working. Think about doing a proof of value rather than a proof of concept.”.

Next year we expect discussion on the return that enterprises are seeing having implemented an enterprise data platform with Hadoop and their other strategic data center technologies..


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