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July 26, 2016
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My Summer at Hortonworks – Customer Success Internship, Technical Support Team

This summer, I worked as a Customer Success Intern with the Technical Support Team at Hortonworks. My experience as an intern was packed with fun but what I really was able to takeaway from the opportunity was an invaluable experience.

I worked on the automation side with the support team, helping build tools and scripts to help triage better and faster. I knew the importance of Big Data and Hadoop, but I only had little academic experience in this technology. My mentor helped me learn about different components of the Hadoop ecosystem – and how they interact and function. He always offered me constructive feedback, which ultimately enhanced my automation and development skills; helping me deliver better results. I would like to show my special thanks to our HIPster leader who made the intern ramp-up process really smooth and for organizing really fun events ,along with the various lunch and learn sessions with many company executives.

During my internship, I wrote some script for diagnosing Apache Kerberos configurations on customer’s cluster. I also developed a web-based tool in Spring framework as backend and AngularJS and Bootstrap as front end. This tool had 2 components. One of the components parsed the HDS audit logs and stores the result in a Hive table which was analyzed by Apache Zeppelin. The other component was an Apache Hadoop to Hortonworks bug matching tool. Many of the automation challenges achieved at the end of my internship were to be merged into SmartSense, which is a collection of tools and services that help Hortonworks Data Platform’s operators quickly resolve issues, and also act on proactive recommendations that help avoid future issues.

Hortonworks provided me with an enriching environment, where I found myself being transformed into not only a better coder but a better engineer. This is exactly the type of experience I had hoped and expected for from my internship. I found that everyone working here is really passionate about the technology they work for, and can say without a doubt that Hortonworks is the best place to gain real work experience with anything that has to do with the future of data.

YouTube Demo:

  1. HDFS Audit Log tool
  2. Hadoop Version Check

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