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September 26, 2016
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HCC- Top 5 Technical Articles from Last Week

It has been another exciting week on Hortonworks Community Connection HCC. We continue to see great activity and recommend the following assets from last week.

Top Articles from HCC

  1. Supporting Custom Properties for Expression Language in Apache NiFi by:ydavis
    NiFi has previously supported the ability to refer to flow file attributes, system properties and environment properties within expression language (EL); however the community requested an enhancement to also support custom properties. Read more…
  2. Automate Deployment of HDF 2.0 clusters using Ambari blueprints by:abajwa
    Ambari blueprints can be used to automate setting up clusters. With Ambari support being added to HDF 2.0, the same can be done for HDF clusters running Nifi, Storm, Kafka. Read more..
  3. HDF 2.0: Apache Nifi integration with Apache Ambari/Ranger by:abajwa
    Highlights of integrating Apache NiFi with Apache Ambari/Ranger. Read more…
  4. Setting up a Apache Hadoop/Spark cluster with Docker on a single machine by:mliu
    You have a need of debugging, testing and operating a Hadoop cluster, especially when you run dangerous dfsadmin commands, try customized packages with changes of Hadoop/Spark source code, trying aggressive configuration values. Read more…
  5. HDF 2.0 Secure 3 Node Development Cluster in Docker by:brosander
    Hortonworks DataFlow 2.0 comes with the ability to configure TLS for Apache NiFi through Apache Ambari, this is implemented using the tls-toolkit in client/server mode. Read more..

Top 5 Questions — last week

  1. HDP 2.5 Sandbox not starting
  2. HDP 2.5 Sandbox Virtualbox Error: “vboxnet0 not found”
  3. Ambari Kerberos – Existing AD
  4. unable to start ambari-server
  5. Starting Atlas through Ambari in HDP 2.5 Sandbox

Come join HCC and participate in the community. 

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