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July 18, 2017
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How Telecommunications Companies Answer the Call for Innovation

Big Data telecomUsually, customer demand prompts the need for innovation. If enough people need something, companies adapt to meet the requests of their consumers. Today, the development and evolution of mobility and telecommunications have outpaced our ability to create such a demand.

Data is Like the Back of Your Hand

Our data knows us more than we know ourselves. The data a telecommunications company is able to generate based on our behaviors and mobile phone usage provides a snapshot of ourselves that empowers businesses to develop new products, tailor existing applications, and offer new services. When this kind of data is multiplied by millions of users, companies know what we want from future products before we can even imagine the possibilities. This is why crowds of people anxiously await new product launches. We don’t just want bug fixes. We want to be wowed.

These kinds of grandiose expectations create an entirely new challenge for mobile companies that they never had before. In order to stay competitive, companies are now forced to meet customer demands and take on a new layer of customer satisfaction: predict new trends. Without the right data, this would be the equivalent of trying to answer the phone before it rings. Since phones have evolved over the years to do everything beyond serving as a phone, they produce huge amounts of data about how, why, when and where they are used. The challenge for companies is ingesting, storing, and analyzing the data at scale.

Phoning It In

Telecommunications companies don’t have the pleasure of relying on reactive complacency by just providing solutions to existing problems, so they must capture data and retain it for its entirety of its usefulness in order to achieve predictive innovation. Achieving a 360-degree view of the customer is the only way for a company to engage with their customer base and understand where the industry is moving, let alone tailoring specific services to individual customers.

Project managers are continually looking for solutions that will give them access to product-use data. Not every piece of data is stored for immediate business insight, but that doesn’t necessarily lessen its value. The right data platform puts the right data in front of project managers when they need it. A modern data architecture with Hadoop has allowed some of the world’s top telecommunication companies to respond to the new technology driven changes. With all of the new web services a cell phone is capable of processing, Hortonworks is able to provide solutions that enable telecommunication companies to derive actionable insights from their data without bankrupting the business.

For more information on how Hortonworks can leverage Big Data to drive innovation and industry-leading developments, visit us today.


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