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May 15, 2015
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The Adoption of Hadoop and Advanced Analytics Accelerates in Oil and Gas

All segments of the oil and gas industry are adopting Hadoop, from exploration through to drilling, production, transportation, refining, and retail.

The Hortonworks Oil and Gas team will be demonstrating some of the Hadoop-based advanced analytics applications for the upstream oil and gas industry at PNEC Houston (the International Conference on Petroleum Data Integration, Information, and Data Management) running from May 19-21.

A Transformation in O&G

On a daily basis, the geological and geophysical discipline in upstream oil and gas must deal with a significant number of disparate datasets. Geologists and Petrophysicists routinely perform time-consuming, manual quality control checks and select individual datasets in order to help determine the volume of oil/gas in a reservoir and it’s potential to flow through the formation into the well bore.

Consolidating datasets such as LAS files, production records, well header files, auction histories into a Modern Data Architecture not only enables streamlined access to the data, but also provides an opportunity for cost-effective advanced analytics to:

  • Associate curve types regardless of mnemonic without manual identification of each curve
  • Enable feature vectors and pick formation tops to compute % of zone that is pay
  • Perform quality control of metadata such as Kelly Bushing (KB) or drill floor (DF) and surface location/elevation
  • Process disparate data quickly to enable a more complete map
  • Identify wells in a dataset that contain curves of interest

Advanced Analytics, Optimization, and Preventative Maintenance for Production

Hortonworks’ partner, OspreyData will also be in the Hortonworks booth at PNEC, demonstrating their solution that listens to sensor signals from assets and analyzes them in real-time while embedding “best in class” field practices to predict and proactively prevent failures, reduce downtime and enhance efficiency across the enterprise—all built natively on Hadoop and Hortonworks Data Platform. OspreyData’s solution can assist with resolution of events like:

  • Cycling gas lock
  • Scale
  • Sand erosion
  • Iron sulfate

Please join us and the over 750 attendees expected at the event in Hortonworks Booth 803 to discuss how other oil and gas companies are benefitting from Hadoop’s centralized, YARN-based architecture.

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