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June 20, 2013
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The Business Value of Hadoop as seen through the Big Data


What is the value of Hadoop to your business? What value lies in your big data?

There are a MANY definitions of big data out there.  In fact, we have published two of them to our blog alone and I am sure we can dream up of a few more.  However, when it comes down to it, our customers know best.  After all, they are the users of Hadoop.

New Whitepaper: “Business Value of Hadoop”. Download Now!

As we’ve listened, we’ve spent time identifying the “types” of data that land in Hadoop across our growing customer base and what we found was interesting.  While every organization is different their big data is often very similar.  For the most part, Hadoop is collecting massive amounts of data across six basic types of data: social media activity, clickstream data, server logs, unstructured (videos, docs, etc) and machine/sensor data from equipment in the field.

These new data types were sometimes thought of as low to medium value or even ‘exhaust data’: too expensive to store and analyze. But these types of data are not strictly “new”—they have existed for some time. Text data, for example has been with us since before King Tut, but there was never very much of it (by today’s standards). With Hadoop, businesses are learning to see these types of data as inexpensive, accessible daily sources of insight and competitive advantage, all from what they were previously deleting, shredding or saving to tape.

You can find more information on types of data here, and download the full whitepaper here.



Prwatech says:

I am big fan of your hadoop & big data blogs, keep writing & sharing with us your big data hadoop post.

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