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October 12, 2015
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The Connected Car and the Data Supply Chain

Recent innovations in the Internet-enabled Connected Cars that we drive today have spawned a whole new set of opportunities and challenges for carmakers. The opportunities come from the ability to capture detailed, current data on how drivers actually operate their cars and how those cars respond to that use.

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That data can be extraordinarily valuable for uses such as preventative maintenance, product development, manufacturing optimization and recall avoidance. But in order to pursue those opportunities, carmakers must be able to capture data from the Internet of Anything (IoAT) data flows from connected cars.

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Connected Car Ecosystem

The “Little Data” generated by vehicles eventually becomes Big Data, and monetizing that data can be a difficult task without having an end-to-end view of the entire Data Supply Chain.

Data Supply Chain

“The Connected Car and the Data Supply Chain” is the first white paper in a series that I plan, covering various topics about the Connected Car and the Data Supply Chain. In future papers, I plan to cover topics like:

  • An introduction to the Connected Car eco-system
  • Determining which pieces of data should be processed in the embedded environment versus the data center environment
  • Securely transporting the data between the vehicle and data center
  • Ingesting the data and utilizing it across various enterprise applications
  • Creating the architecture to monetize the data with 3rd parties

About the Author


Dan Daogaru is an engineer turned executive, and an industry-leader in the Internet of Things (IoT). Currently the General Manager of IoT at Hortonworks, Dan helps organizations develop their Big Data strategies around their IoT applications and business initiatives.


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