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February 07, 2013
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The Hadoop Ecosystem: Big Data Analytics Meets Advertising

Big data analytics is becoming increasingly useful to professionals in digital media, gaming, healthcare, security, finance and government, and nearly every industry you can name. Companies are analyzing vast amounts of data from various sources to shed light on customer behaviors, accelerate lead conversion, pinpoint security threats and enrich social media marketing efforts. In fact, new tools and technologies are making it easier to harness the power of Big Data and put it to use, and businesses are quickly uncovering valuable insights that were previously unavailable.

Entravision Communications Corporation is one company looking to reap the benefit of big data through careful analytics. The diversified Spanish-language media company has created an analytics, modeling and insights division—called Luminar– with the goal of expanding the value of its traditional advertisement services.

Luminar is the first big data analytics and modeling provider connecting marketeers with U.S. Latino consumers. The division was made possible by a partnership between Impetus Technologies, a Big Data thought leader, and Hortonworks, a leading commercial vendor who promotes and develops support for the Apache Hadoop platform. The two companies have partnered to create a solution for using the Hortonworks Data Platform powered by Apache Hadoop to access big data environments and third-party data sources.

Impetus’ experience with building big data frameworks like LaDaP has helped Luminar setup an analytics infrastructure that can linearly scale up thousands of nodes using commodity hardware.

The successful launch of Luminar has included a number of powerful offerings, including an Insights App, a Customer Decision Engine, Real time Cloud Insights, and Analytics. Today, Luminar is helping clients identify predictability models of consumer behavior to allow companies to reach, upsell and retain Latino consumers more affectively.



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