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January 27, 2016
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The Information Superhighway for Automotive Transformation

The ConnecteDriver conference, networking and exhibition is currently underway in Brussels, Belgium. Tomorrow, 28 January, Grant Bodley from Hortonworks will be presenting on The Information Superhighway for Automotive Transformation. Following his presentation, Grant will participate in a panel discussion on Connected Car Data.

The abstract for Grant’s presentation is below. You can see the full conference agenda here and register at the ConnecteDriver website.


Big Data, the Internet of Anything (IoAT), and the Connected Car have created a new Information Superhighway that fundamentally changes the relationship between automakers and car buyers.

Previously, automakers had an incomplete feedback loop after they sold a vehicle. They learned of negative customer sentiment through slumping sales, increasing warranty expenses, or when they needed to recall vehicles. Positive signals of driver happiness were similarly sparse.

The connected car has changed all that. Now automakers can establish a complete feedback loop from each vehicle that can constantly send sensor data from each car on how it is driven, how it responds to driving conditions, and how it might be improved in future models.

With today’s Information Superhighway, one of the key determinants of future success in the industry will be speed: how quickly and accurately can automakers capture and understand data, then use that insight to innovate the kinds of vehicles and mobility services that consumers expect?

About the Speaker:

Grant Head ShotGrant Bodley, GM Global Manufacturing Solutions, Hortonworks

As General Manager of Global Manufacturing Industry Solutions at Hortonworks, Grant Bodley brings over 25 years of manufacturing experience in working with leading Automotive, Industrial, High Tech, and Aerospace Manufacturers in leveraging Big Data Insights and high impact use-cases to transform their businesses. Prior to Hortonworks, Grant was Vice President of Manufacturing Industry Solutions at SAP for more than 10 years.





sindhu says:

this is a trend changing technology. However, will customers be notified of sensors once the vehicle is sold to them?

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