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August 11, 2017
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This Is Data: Spread It On!

Last week I wrote about our sustained growth, and why over half of the Fortune 100 US companies, and over one quarter of the Global 100 companies, trust Hortonworks. The top retailers, financial services, automotive manufacturers, and beyond all embrace Big Data, and most with the help of Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms.

What these top companies have in common, across every industry, is that they’ve become data companies.

  • Retailers use data to improve customer promotions and optimize supply chains
  • Financial services use data to manage risk and meet new regulatory demands
  • Insurance companies use data to build 360-degree customer views and customized products
  • Healthcare companies use data for prescriptive analytics and to monitor patient health in real-time

Scrolling through the Fortune 500 list, it’s easy to recognize the new companies; the ones that didn’t exist 30, or even 20, years ago. They’re always in the news. You would expect them to make the list.

But did you know that 54 companies have been listed in all 62 Fortune 500 lists (as of 2016)? We’re living in a time of serious disruption now, and there have been numerous business and economic challenges the past 62 years. Yet throughout that time, these companies have all survived by pivoting and transforming themselves.

Today, these companies have transformed into data companies. That should be a lesson for every business.

Take Land O’Lakes, for example. This agricultural cooperative was founded 96 years ago, and is currently #209 on the Fortune list. This household brand is instantly recognizable, and is most often associated with dairy products. It might come as surprise then that Land O’Lakes is a data company. One of their many Big Data use cases, for example, is around optimizing crop planting and nurturing.

During our earnings announcement, our CEO mentioned that Land O’Lakes, “…is in fact a data-driven company. They have partnered with us to build a digital command center with real-time analytics, which combines social media, clickstream and search engine results to derive insights they have never had the ability to obtain before.”

Yes, they make butter. But like the other top companies in every other industry, they’re a data company now.

Hortonworks has helped well over one thousand businesses and organizations become data-driven. You can read more about some of these customers here.

Are you ready to join the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Download the Sandbox today.



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