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May 25, 2017
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TMW Systems Drives Transportation Businesses Out of the Dark with Big Data

You wouldn’t drive in the dark without headlights and you wouldn’t want to operate a fleet of trucks without the necessary information to keep them on the road. The right data at the right time can help any company avoid disaster.

The Road of Data Ahead

As transportation enterprises understand, intuition and agility are not enough to keep the office lights on. Without the right information, it is even more difficult for the small transportation business to stay competitive. When it comes to resource utilization, fuel expense mitigation, driver churn alleviation and keeping maintenance expenses down, collecting data is a must.

At the San Jose DataWorks Summit (June 13-15), Timothy Leonard, the COO/CTO of TMW Systems, will deliver a stimulating keynote on how businesses can “commoditize” data so that transportation companies have solid, timely information to make informed business decisions. There is a mountain of data readily available that can provide actionable information and take the business out of the dark. Transportation companies just need to leverage it with the right solution.

TMW: Paving the Way Forward

TMW Systems is a leading transportation software provider to commercial and private fleets, brokerage and 3PL organizations. Founded in 1983, TMW Systems has focused on providing enterprise software to the transportation industry, including asset-based and non-asset-based operations. The company serves over 2,000 customers, including many of the largest, most sophisticated and complex transportation service companies in North America. TMW knows the value of gaining a competitive advantage with a flexible, integrated information system that will allow for innovation and quality-of-service.

Timothy Leonard’s keynote: Commoditizing Your Data to Sell – A Transportation Example will help drive home the ability to overcome the challenges of extreme fragmentation and lack of information within a transportation enterprise. Here is a synopsis of what to look forward to at his keynote:

As with companies in nearly every industry, transportation enterprises are challenged to make good decisions quickly, providing competitive advantage through innovation and quality-of-service. Making these decisions requires intuition, information and agility; i.e., the ability to move in the right direction, right now. In many respects, this challenge is more difficult for the transportation industry than it is for many others. While there are certainly major players in transportation, MCMIS (Motor Carrier Management Information Systems) data suggests that 91% of all trucking companies operate fleets of 6 or fewer trucks, and 97% operate 20 or fewer. As a result of this extreme fragmentation, getting solid, timely information to serve as the basis for business decisions is very difficult for many companies. We will look at the way we can commoditize data for the small business to be as competitive as the big guys, like in pricing.

You won’t want to miss this keynote or any of the other speakers at the San Jose DataWorks Summit. Register today before time runs out!

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