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December 11, 2017
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Top 11 Customer Stories from 2017

It’s been an incredible year for Hortonworks, and it’s only been possible because of our customers! We’ve seen our customers accomplish remarkable achievements across every industry. Throughout the year, we’ve featured a number of these stories, including the challenges that were being faced and the results that were achieved.

Here is a look back, at the top eleven customer blogs of 2017:

1. ACI Worldwide
Financial institutions need to process large amounts of data from traditional and non-traditional sources in order to make intelligent business decisions and serve their customers. ACI Worldwide redefines payment capabilities with a fast, simple and secure Universal Payments solution… Read More

2. Clearsense
Clearsense believes that each data point of a patient must be tracked, analyzed, and delivered in a coherent matter to better inform a healthcare professional’s life-changing, and potentially life-saving decision. That information must be delivered in real time, as it streams from its source. With the right data, and the right data management platform, the complexities of healthcare can begin to unravel themselves… Read More

The primary data challenge in the hospitality industry is legacy data. Traditionally, the hospitality industry hasn’t embraced advanced analytics, so companies were operating without the necessary data to make the most informed decisions. DHISCO has become a pioneer in the industry, leveraging Hortonworks solutions to improve their business… Read More

4. Freddie Mac
Without the ability to gather data insights in real-time, a company loses the ability to adapt and pivot quickly. In turn, if customers are providing feedback, they expect changes to be made rapidly. Freddie Mac’s team of experts is utilizing the power of data in order to help address the challenges in the mortgage market… Read More

5. Mitsubishi Fuso
The company has embarked on a massive Big Data transformation to capitalize on the value of large data sets. Included is the sensor data streaming from its vehicles. These sensors allow for tele-diagnosis of vehicle problems, and is part of its Truckonnect service… Read More

6. Nissan
The company has embarked on a Big Data journey to help solve the business challenges presented by the growth and diversity of data. Nissan turned to Hadoop as the solution to its Big Data problem. After a thorough and competitive evaluation, Hortonworks Data Platform was selected to power its data lake infrastructure… Read More

7. Open Energi
Open Energi developed and maintains a single view of electricity consumption and other information to enable swift reactions to changing conditions on the grid and to identify methods of generating extra revenue from existing assets, to maximize energy savings, and to reduce CO2 emissions… Read More

8. Pinsight Media
Pinsight offers its clients distinct personas that are precisely targeted to achieve maximum campaign performance, with both precision targeting and efficient ad buys. To be first in this space, the company required an agile, scalable platform that allowed it to manage a massive data lake of verified, first-party data from mobile networks… Read More

9. Centrica
Centrica was able to build an application that would give them the best of both worlds. Millions of households now have knowledge about their home energy needs anywhere they go, and the company can analyze the data from those profiles… Read More

10. TMW
TMW Systems is able to clean their data and turn that into business value for improved pricing and efficiency for their customers’ businesses. In the transportation and logistics industry, being able to understand fuel costs, freight movement, lane movement and an array of other aspects of the business that they could not track before opens up the opportunities for the company to cut costs by improving upon inefficient processes… Read More

11. Vizient
Data is crucial in healthcare. For doctors to be able to recommend the correct treatments they need to have access to the right information. Big Data gives healthcare organizations the ability to let multiple hospitals exchange information, leading to a 360 view of their members. With this information, doctors can give a more complete diagnosis… Read More

To view the rest of our customer stories, visit:

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