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March 28, 2016
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Top 3 articles for every Data Developer

Another busy week on Hortonworks Community Connection, here is the hot content for this week (based on community activity and votes):

Top 3 articles this week: (or see the whole list here)

  1. Map Hive jobs to YARN queues Using a Hive hook to map jobs to YARN queues when using hive.server2.enable.doAs = false (security best practices and container pre-warming)
  2. Accelerating Streaming Analytics with Spark and HDF Learn how to incorporate the Apache NiFi Receiver into your Spark application
  3. Apache Drill (unofficial) – Introduction Quick intro to Apache Drill. Apache Drill is an open source, low-latency query engine for Hadoop

Top 5 questions last week: (Or see the latest question here)

  1. Remove duplicates Using Map reduce or Hive
  2. Running Python Scripts on data in HDFS
  3. How to deal with small data ?
  4. Executing Hive queries through oozie java action on kerberized cluster
  5. Connect HDP 2.4 Spark remotely failed

That’s all for this week. Please browse community.hortonworks.com and join the conversation. 


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