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December 10, 2018
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Top Hortonworks Customer Blogs – 2018 Edition

It’s been an incredible year for Hortonworks, and it’s only been possible because of our customers! We’ve seen our customers accomplish remarkable achievements across every industry. Throughout the year, we’ve featured a number of these stories, including the challenges that were being faced and the results that were achieved.

Here is a look back, at the top eleven customer blogs of 2018:

1. Hilton – Becoming more data centric to drive a better experience for its customers. The new framework has resulted in the ability to do inline pricing on the fly and customer 360 analytics for reservations and profile data… Read More

2. – Optimizing the booking experience for its customers by moving to Hadoop. Now data can be analyzed multiple times per day on a granular level, including different types of traffic, different kinds of customers, along with the type of devices they use… Read More

3. Quanam – Leveraging a modern data architecture along with machine learning to better equip clinicians to make more accurate diagnoses in shorter timeframes. This streamlined the next-generation of genomic sequencing, saving time and saving lives… Read More

4. Orwell – Using analytics to build a new banking infrastructure designed to transform the customer experience for high retail banking customers and corporate banks… Read More

5. Johns Hopkins – Achieving results that would never be possible without a big data platform. The university is now able to ingest data from disparate sources, transport data from various sources to the Hadoop cluster, and help clinicians administer more targeted treatments… Read More

6. TechnipFMC – Needed a centralized place for all its data and the ability to deliver enterprise data analytics at scale. The company has gained a single view of global operations, improved internal processes, and empowered data scientists with insights from the edge… Read More

7. O2 – Managing financial reporting and ensuring compliance with a Financial Data Hub, which processes 20 million records, mitigates security risks, helps the company avoid significant fines, and enables data access in days instead of weeks… Read More

8. Micron – Shortened the time it took to identify misprocessed die from 7 days, down to under an hour. Additional datasets continue to be added into the environment, as data scientists and data engineers develop critical analytical solutions… Read More

9. Freddie Mac – Leveraging big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to improve the mortgage appraisal process for borrowers. The company has been able to shorten the time it takes to gain insights and make decisions, from 3-6 months to one day… Read More

10. JIDO – The organization has now been able to use data for equipping warfighters with the answers they need to make decisions on the battlefield, along with reducing costs by 20% and bringing in data from 1,000 disparate sources… Read More

11. Symcor – Protects clients’ data by offering digital and data services. The company is now able to increase security by controlling who has access to the Hadoop clusters. No one has full-time access at any given time… Read More

For more customer stories, check out the Top Customer Blogs 2017 or visit:

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