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March 18, 2013
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Touring Ambari

Hot on the heels of the release of the new version of Sandbox, I thought it would be worth a look at Ambari as it is now integrated into the Sandbox VM. You can download the Hortonworks Sandbox and try it out for yourself!

Apache Ambari is a web-based tool for provisioning, managing, and monitoring Apache Hadoop clusters. It greatly simplifies and reduces the complexity of running Apache Hadoop. Ambari is a fully open-source, Apache project and graphical interface to Hadoop.


The Ambari Dashboard serves as a home page for your cluster, defining key metrics and linking you through to particular services on the cluster.


Heatmaps show which parts of your cluster are the least or most active, which can help with capacity and load management.


The Ambari Services interface lets you monitor cluster-wide services on your Hadoop cluster.


The Ambari Hosts interface lets you drill down to individual hosts that make up your cluster.


The Ambari Jobs interface lets you examine the individual applications and jobs that makeup your Hadoop workload.


The Ambari Users interface helps you administer new users on your Hadoop cluster. You can try it out by downloading the new Hortonworks Sandbox. We hope you enjoyed this post, please let us know by commenting!



Ashay says:

I made a Vagrant file for a friend to try Ambari:

Works well, and looks promising!

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