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July 11, 2014
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Tresata’s TREE 3.3 is Now Certified on HDP 2.1

Tresata, a Hortonworks Certified Technology Partner, is a next-generation predictive analytics software company that helps enterprises monetize big data™they have moved to Hadoop . In this blog, Tresata’s Director of Marketing, Katie Levans, (@katie_levans) describes the value of HDP 2.1 certification and the benefit of their solution. 

Last month Tresata announced the release of the third generation of their hugely successful software application TREE 3.3 and its subsequent certification on HDP 2.1. As Tresata’s first analytics application, TREE was designed from the ground up to run completely in Hadoop and allow enterprises to integrate and resolve their disparate data assets across transactional, customer, product and social silos at a “segment of one.”

Tresata was one of the earliest partners to work with Hortonworks in the Financial Services vertical given the deep market specialization our software offered in that space. With the latest certification of TREE on HDP 2.1, one of the most advanced Hadoop distributions in the market, TREE now delivers to enterprises the business benefits of the latest innovations in Hadoop: multi-tenancy, real-time compute, and advanced security.

Some of the unique benefits of the certification of TREE 3.3 with HDP 2.1 are:

  • Testing and certification services that save Enterprise customers time and effort while deploying Hadoop powered software applications like TREE
  • An upfront and guaranteed assurance of interoperability.
  • Enterprise grade 100% open source platform that enables customers to avoid lock-in at the platform layer
  • Assured performance, scalability, speed, and security benefits
  • Take advantage of and integrate with the broader Hortonworks partner ecosystem including those with major enterprise vendors like Teradata, SAP, Microsoft, Teradata and others

With this certification, enterprise customers who want to integrate the disparate data assets they have already moved to Hadoop can now install and run TREE as a native Hadoop application on their Hadoop clusters. As the first and only Hadoop-powered software  application that collects, curates, and collapses multiple datasets—transactional data, market data, customer service data, and social network data—at a unique and never before available segment of one, where each individual customer is treated as their own segment. We tested and implemented TREE at scale at multiple clients in both consumer and corporate instances with spectacular results.

In the latest release, TREE 3.3 now includes the ability to run in real time—natively using Spark—and a feedback loop that allows a business user to verify and tune the results of TREE’s entity resolution engine.

Our CEO, Abhishek Mehta, highlighted what enterprises can expect as massive business value TREE delivers, and he said, “We believe the ability to integrate and resolve data from any source and of any size to a segment of one is a critical capability for any enterprise that wants to monetize big data. Once you have a deep understanding of your customers across all their interactions, then you can help them make decisions that are in their best interest. That journey starts with TREE.”

In the last three years, some of the use cases TREE has powered at large banks, wealth management firms and retailers have included:

  1. Supply Chain Analysis based on Global Payments Flows—creating the first ever bottoms up payments view for each unique corporate entity that updates in real-time
  2. Monetizing Social Data—integrating social and transactional data at a large retailer to deliver hyperpersonalized offers via omnichannel marketing
  3. Marketing & Product Cross-Sell—analyzing wealth management data at a private bank to recommend best offers for high net-worth individuals
  4. Fraud & Risk Management—Aggregating credit data from structured and unstructured sources to build the first comprehensive credit profile at a data integrator

“As next-generation predictive analytics experts, Tresata enables companies in retail, financial services and other data-intensive industries to maximize the potential of all their data, improve customer service and accelerate growth,” said John Kreisa, vice president of strategic marketing at Hortonworks. “With TREE 3.3 running on HDP 2.1, customers are now able to derive critical business insights that advance their business, as well as find more opportunities to monetize their big data solutions.”

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