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September 21, 2016
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Try the latest innovations in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem with Hortonworks 2.5 Sandbox

It’s never been easier to get started with Apache Hadoop. The Hortonworks Sandbox combines 100% open-source Apache Hadoop and its data access engines (Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Solr, Apache Pig) with enterprise-grade Operations (Apache Ambari), Security (Apache Ranger and Apache Knox) and Governance (Apache Atlas).  The Sandbox also provides tools for devOps, exploration(Ambari Views) and web notebooks development (Apache Zeppelin).

Learn more about the key enhancements in HDP 2.5.

The Hortonworks Sandbox provides the fastest onramp to Apache Hadoop and the extended ecosystem with an easy-to-use, integrated learning environment and a functional personal HDP environment. The Sandbox takes the complexity out of Hadoop installation and setup by providing a fully functional virtual image. If you are evaluating Hadoop or need an easy way to prove out use cases then the Sandbox is for you.  Simply download the virtual machine.  Zero to Big Data in 15 minutes!

Choose your Sandbox Flavor

The HDP Sandbox now comes in three flavors VirtualBox, VMWare and Docker.   You can download them here.  You can find install instructions here: VirtualBox, VMWare, and Docker.

If you have any questions please see the release notes or search/post in HCC.

Welcome to the SANDBOX Splash Screen

The Sandbox provides a splash screen to easily navigate into the Hortonworks Sandbox. Start with tutorials or jump straight into your personal Hadoop environment.  The following is the Sandbox splash screen that you view in your web browser by following the link provided after the virtual machine starts.  

HDP 2.5 Sandbox Splash Screen
HDP 2.5 Sandbox Splash Screen

The are 2 main paths:

  • Advance HDP
    Provides links and basic user authorization info for additional services such as: Ambari, Atlas, Falcon, Ranger, Zeppelin and the SSH webclient Shell in the box.

If you are new to the Sandbox, virtual machines or just want to learn more explore the Learning the Ropes of the Hortonworks Sandbox tutorial.


With the HDP 2.5 Sandbox we have created a collection of users for tutorials across Ambari RBAC, HDFS, Ranger, Atlas, Falcon and Zeppelin.   When you click on the Advance HDP quick links button in the Splash screen you will see the window listing the additional services and the corresponding ids, passwords and launch pages.   The following image has added the name of the persona and role associated with each of the services to the Advance HDP splash screen.

HDP 2.5 Sandbox Splash Screen Advanced
HDP 2.5 Sandbox Splash Screen Advanced

To learn more about these new users explore section 3 in the Learning the Ropes of HDP sandbox or read the script that sets up these users.

Get Started in 4 Step

1) Download HDP Sandbox as a VM image(VMware and Virtualbox or Docker
2) Setup and Start the VM image.
3) Try a Sandbox tutorial, check out the list of free tutorials, or jump directly into an Hello to HDP hands-on tutorial.
4) Need more help? Visit the Hortonworks Community Connection(HCC) and interact directly with the community and our development team.

Try Hortonworks Cloud

Don’t have the minimum 8 GB of RAM to allocate to the virtual machine?  Looking to try the latest in Hive and Spark in AWS.   Try the Hortonworks Cloud Technical Preview, which supports ephemeral workloads for Hive and Spark.




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