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February 19, 2014
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Unlock the Value and Visualize Big Data with Actuate’s BIRT

Actuate is a Hortonworks Technology Partner and founded and co-leads the BIRT open source project, which is used by more than 2.5 million developers around the globe and serves as the foundation of Actuate’s commercial offerings. Applications built with BIRT and BIRT iHub deliver more business and consumer insights to more people than all BI companies combined. 

act1The deployment of Big Data architectures has become more prevalent as organizations realize the power of what Big Data can bring to their businesses and to their profitability.  However, the sheer volume of data and different data structures make it challenging to quickly and effectively extract the nuggets of information needed.  Hortonworks and Actuate are addressing these issues head-on and the open source synergies of the two companies are well aligned. Hortonworks is an open source software provider that develops, distributes and supports an Apache Hadoop platform for enterprise-grade deployments.  Actuate, the BIRT company ™, has an entire product suite built upon the open source Eclipse BIRT. BIRT provides reports with personalized analytics with interactive charts, dashboards and scorecards to analyze data quickly and easily and is certified with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.0.

Actuate’s analytics suite gives users the tools to extract and visualize data, not only from data stored in Hadoop / Hortonworks Data Platform but also from other traditional data stores. Hadoop and HDP is a “+1” – it’s not a replacement for existing investments such as current data center infrastructures, processing and analysis applications that have been in place successfully for many years. This is the Modern Data Architecture (MDA) and it embraces existing architectures and applications while enabling enterprises to easily add Hadoop to gain insights from all data including unstructured data.

Learn more at our upcoming webinar: “Unlock the Value and Visualization of Big Data” with Actuate and Hortonworks on February 20 at 10am Pacific Time.

Sandbox Tutorial and Demo

act2You can try Actuate’s BIRT on Hadoop through the BIRT on Hortonworks Sandbox tutorial and demo. This virtual machine for Big Data/Business Analytics needs has been fully tested and is available now to developers so you can hit the ground running with Hadoop application development. Tutorials are available on both BIRT Exchange and the Hortonworks website to help users connect to the Sandbox and get up and running quickly.

How it Works

BIRT 4.3.2 release and beyond provides an out-of-the-box ODA to access data directly from the Hadoop platform. The ODA utilizes Hive queries to extract data from Hadoop, pulling those data sets into customizable BIRT-based visualizations.  The integration is with HDP 2.0 but is backwards compatible to release 1.3. Actuate’s new BIRT Apache Hive Driver is available for download on BIRT Exchange. The driver – fully integrated and tested – provides direct access to Hadoop data for visualization with BIRT and BIRT iHub to Hadoop Big Data users. Its intuitive visualizations bypass the need for a data warehouse, creating a more cost effective approach with better ROI (return on investment).

To learn more about how to leverage BIRT for Big Data deployments and see the development environment and sandbox in action, participate in the webinar on Thursday Feb. 20th 2014 at 10 am PDT

During this talk, experts from both Hortonworks and Actuate will give a live demonstration of the Hortonworks Sandbox and BIRT to illustrate how to filter through massive amounts of data and gain insights quickly.


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