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January 31, 2014
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Using HDP for Hadoop Platform-as-a-Service

Xplenty is a Hortonworks Technology Partner offering Hadoop as a service. We invited Yaniv Mor, Co-founder and CEO of Xplenty to be our guest blogger today sharing his views on HDP and Hadoop. 

We founded Xplenty to make Apache Hadoop easier. A lot easier. We believe Hadoop’s big data revolution should be available for companies of all sizes and intuitive for everyone to use. Whether it’s designing data­flows, setting up clusters, or managing and monitoring them, our platform as a service makes it happen, code­free.

Hadoop should be easier for us too here at Xplenty. Installing, maintaining, and upgrading Hadoop are no easy feats. We have skilled ninjas to tame the elephant and we want the best platform and tools to help them. That’s why we use the Hortonworks Data Platform.

We really love that HDP is 100% open source. Since our product relies on a Hadoop distribution, we need to know that it meets our performance and security standards. With HDP, we can sift through the code of all the components and make sure they are reliable for us and our clients, which they are. And in case we need help, we are not alone ­ Hortonworks and the open source community are there to support us.

Currently, we are upgrading to Hadoop 2, aka YARN. Hadoop YARN brings many enhancements ­ higher scalability, better resource management, NameNode high availability, data snapshots, and more. YARN also opens up Hadoop for new applications other than MapReduce such as Tez for interactive big data querying, Storm for streaming data, and Giraph for graph analysis.

Additionally, our platform uses various other projects that are bundled in HDP 2.0, for example, Pig. The latest version, 0.12, comes with great new features such as the ASSERT operator for data validation, rewritten Avro related functions for serialization, and the beloved IN operator. To add these features we need to integrate the new Pig version in our platform as smoothly as possible.

Upgrading Xplenty with HDP makes life easier. HDP 2.0 is enterprise ready and includes the latest releases of Hadoop, Pig, Oozie, and more. Hortonworks tests that the releases work well together and applies patches where necessary. If we had to upgrade and test everything ourselves it would take a lot more time and cause plenty of frustration for our ninjas. With the help of HDP 2.0, our clients will enjoy Hadoop YARN seamlessly.

Xplenty puts Big Data within reach for companies of all sizes. The innovative Xplenty Hadoop-­as-­a-­Service platform is an easy­-to-­use cloud service that takes the complexity out of Hadoop, so you can get started right away.


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