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October 09, 2017
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Utilizing Predictive Analytics for Better Solutions in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations face distinct challenges in managing the quantity of their data along with being able to utilize data from numerous different sources. Through the use of predictive analytics and data virtualization, healthcare organizations are able to better serve their members.

One example of utilizing predictive analytics to provide better solutions and cost savings is displayed through the story of Vizient™.

Vizient is the nation’s largest member-driven healthcare services company. Backed by network-powered insights in the critical areas of clinical, operational and supply chain performance, Vizient empowers members to deliver exceptional, cost-effective care at every turn. The company is fueling new business models and new approaches to care—all through the power of brilliant connectivity.

Data is crucial in healthcare. For doctors to be able to recommend the correct treatments they need to have access to the right information. Big Data gives healthcare organizations the ability to let multiple hospitals exchange information, leading to a 360 view of their members. With this information, doctors can give a more complete diagnosis.

Vizient has gained significant value through Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms. The ability to take in data from a variety of different sources enables the company to move much faster. It can take lab and patient data, recognize patterns within, and provide this data to advisors in the field working with its members. These medical professionals can then provide recommendations for how members can improve their health. Without Big Data, none of this would be possible and healthcare organizations would be operating without having the complete picture.

The company’s core value is driven by the ability to gather data, keep the data, process it quickly and transform it into something useful for its members. Hortonworks helps Vizient be able to do this in a whole new way. Add in the fact that Vizient was interested in being part of the open source community, and it’s no wonder why this partnership has flourished.

Back in June, Chuck Devries, Vice President of Enterprise Architecture & Strategic Technology of Vizient, led a breakout session at the San Jose DataWorks Summit. In our new video below, hear from Chuck as he talks about Vizient’s journey with Big Data, and why the company chose Hortonworks.

Stay tuned for part two of the Vizient story coming on Wednesday.

For more examples of how Hortonworks is helping healthcare organizations be first in their industry, visit:

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