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June 07, 2017
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Verizon Centralizes Data in Real Time for Analytics Using Attunity and Hortonworks Solutions

The telecommunications industry deals with a staggering amount of data every second of every day. Whether it’s 360° views of customers households, processing hundreds of millions of phone calls, facilitating browsing or streaming entertainment content, analyzing call records or network logs or servicing equipment proactively, communications service providers are challenged with these issues to process and store data to be analyzed affordably and efficiently and most importantly, in real-time to drive intelligent actions.

A great example of this will be the focus of our webinar tomorrow where we host Verizon Global Technology Services (GTS) and our partner Attunity in a webcast covering this use case. Join the webinar tomorrow, June 8 at 11 am PT. Verizon GTS is also presenting at DataWorks Summit next week on June 15.

One of the key issues covered is getting data into the Verizon data lake from multiple sources to deliver analytics for real-time insights to support the needs of different segments of the business. To sustain business growth and compete effectively with the volume and variety of data, providers cannot wait days to analyze and act on their data. Employing solutions like those from Hortonworks and Attunity helps organizations achieve their goals for real-time insights to enhance the experience of their customers  while improving their business operations. Read the Attunity blog to get a more detailed glimpse of the presentation tomorrow.

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Visit Verizon Centralizes Data Into a Data Lake in Real-time for Analytics at DataWorks Summit June 15

Attend the webinar

Verizon Centralizes Data into a Data Lake in Real Time for Analytics

Read the Attunity Blog

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