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January 23, 2015
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Voltage SecureStorage Complements HDP for Compliance and Data Protection

Our guest blogger is Carole Murphy, director of product marketing for Voltage SecureStorage at Voltage Security, a Hortonworks Certified Technology Partner.

The demand for Hadoop is accelerating, as enterprises move from proof of concept to full production implementations. With the move to modern data architecture, data security and compliance has become a growing concern.

Securing data in Hadoop is a hot topic and the Hadoop community is investing and providing value-added capabilities in security and governance. A great example of this is the leading position Hortonworks takes with the authentication, authorization, audit and data protection capabilities delivered by Apache Ranger and Apache Knox.

Now Voltage Security®, the global leader in data-centric security for Hadoop, and a certified Technology Partner with Hortonworks, has announced Voltage SecureStorage™ for volume-level encryption in Hadoop. Voltage SecureStorage™ is available as a stand-alone option on a subscription licensing basis, for those looking for “data-at-rest” encryption. Voltage SecureStorage protects against loss of storage media–through human error or physical theft of the hard drive–and offers an initial security response to meet compliance requirements for data protection in Hadoop.

A significant value-added feature, Voltage Stateless Key Management™, is also included in the standalone subscription offer of Voltage SecureStorage. Voltage Stateless Key Management technology provides keys automatically, enabling granular, role-based access to data, and mapping to existing enterprise policies for data access. It eliminates another requirement of traditional security solutions, the key management database and key storage. Voltage Stateless Key Management saves on server costs and administration overhead by doing away with issues such as key roll-over, back-up, recovery and audit, and delivers high performance and scalability well-matched with Hadoop speeds.

For those customers electing to use basic level, data-at-rest protection now, Voltage SecureStorage provides this coverage economically while giving them the ability to grow their capacity and expand their protection in the future.

For those taking a longer view of the journey toward the data lake, Voltage provides the key management behind volume encryption, but this also enables expansion to other use cases for securing Hadoop data as well as other platforms, making Voltage SecureStorage the first step toward full data-centric security for Hadoop in the enterprise. Voltage delivers data-centric security with the Voltage SecureData Suite for Hadoop, which provides field-level data security in all modes of operation, for data-at-rest, in motion, and in use, and can be extended beyond Hadoop to other platforms and databases. The Voltage SecureData Suite for Hadoop includes both Voltage Stateless Key Management and Voltage SecureStorage.

Voltage offers subscription pricing options to support and align with customer purchasing preferences and different customer needs in procurement, from pilot phase to enterprise-wide deployments. Many customers begin by purchasing Hadoop on a departmental basis and they are looking for pricing options such as this new subscription pricing from Voltage. Subscription pricing includes all necessary infrastructure components, for a single, per node price. Subscription pricing can make it easier to configure, and easier to purchase, by reducing the up-front outlay. This pricing also aligns with the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) from a pricing perspective so the customer can make a TCO-based decision for the entire stack.

Voltage SecureStorage provides data-at-rest encryption integrated with Voltage Stateless Key Management, as a standalone option for $500/node/year. (Volume discounts are available upon request. Per node subscription pricing includes standard Voltage support.) Go to for more information and to purchase Voltage SecureStorage.

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